We made ...

...through the first week. And it didn't go as planned, thanks to an absent-minded, deaf boss. Not literally deaf, deaf by choice I think. Ugh. But, we just rearranged schedules and drop off times so that Kian wasn't at daycare very long any of those days. Which may be good or bad as he finds himself there all day this week. I think he'll be okay. His note Thursday said he was giving hugs, so he must like Miss Molly. They've been good about asking me what I want him to eat or not eat and he's taken the rest of his bottles without any issue.

I still hate leaving him in the mornings. He's still not sleeping much there at all. Friday he came home, ate, read some stories then he slept for 2 hours. I think eventually he'll get it, he'll learn to drown out the noise, the lights, etc. We're trying here, to desensitize him, but sometimes he just really needs to sleep so I shut the blinds and just keep it quiet so he gets some sleep.

I am easily getting back into the swing of things. A few things have changed since I was out, but minor things-like wording of service plans, etc. I like this job, some office work, some home visits (although they can be a big pain) but it's variety that keeps things interesting. I usually get some good families that I connect with and make it fun. But, then I feel guilty for somewhat even thinking of sorta, kinda, maybe, somedays liking my job...when my baby boy is getting hugs from teachers....ahh. But, then in some ways I make the most of the time I'm with him and it's a lot more direct and special. For instance, the second day I picked him up he was so happy to see me, smiling, waving, hugging me. I always complained to Kevin "he's never happy to see me". Kevin's answer of course was "well you never go anywhere, you're always with him." so true.

Now, my weekends are even more precious; my time even more valuable. I have a thing for Sundays. Sundays to me are for church, big breakfasts, relaxing with my family, and preparing bags/lunches/whatever it may be for the next day and preparing for the week. Which means I do not like to do much visiting or going out on Sundays. Try to tell that to the in-laws. But, I said it before and I'm sticking to it. Sundays are my day with my hubby and my baby. Friday night, maybe even Saturday night, but come Sunday I'm a homebody.

So...we shall see how it all goes. I can make my own schedule, it's as flexible as I need it to be, so it might be alright. Now the next few weeks will be busy, weekends too... baby shower, shopping for baby shower stuff, Mother's Day, my birthday (which always, always, always coincides with mother's day somehow or another).

Being my first official Mother's Day, would it be elfish of me to want to do what I want for a change? Without worrying about which mother I may tick off this year, or both? My birthday always ends up being a Mother's Day celebration, which is kind of annoying. I get pushed to the back burner. Ho hum.

Anyway, enough rambling. I've some new recipes I need to post: White Chili, Pasta Carbonara (healthy version) and another that just totally escaped my brain...so those will be up sometime this week. Have a good week everyone!


chimp said...

Juvenile enclosure – Life has changed a lot for Nina since she first arrived. She used to bully the other Sudan infants during their quarantine period. Now, she is the one being bullied by Joao, Zac and Cozy. Only now that she has larger animals around her is she receiving the proper discipline.

Ape said...

Adult enclosure – Jinga still refuses to fully respect Nikki and continues to chase him if he attacks her or any of the other females. Abu is still moving on the periphery of the group but is getting better. Amadeus is not that interested in Mimi at the moment because she is not in full oestrus anymore.