Trying to find time for anything anymore is getting crazy. This is what I knew would happen and feared the most going back to work. Less time with Kevin, less time with Kian, less time for housework, less time for me! So instead of laying in bed, not sleeping, because of the million things I have to do running through my head, I decided to just get up, get showered, actually sit and eat breakfast and check emails and such. That's a long sentence. Oops. I have to get Kian up in approximately 5 minutes. And me waking up at 5 am is not fun, especially when he woke up 4 times last night. I think he's still not feeling great. Fun times.

I have this list of things in my head I want to blog about, but then I forget them. I'd like to blog about work, what we do there in Early Intervention, since lots of people don't even know what it is. I'd like to post my recipes and talk about how horrible Daniel Pearl's "To Train Up a Child" so-called "parenting" book is, under the guise of Christian discipline. Oh My! I'd like to give Jon some fun with Chimp Eden, his new obsession. I'd like to actually put away that always clean, always folded, but always full basket of clothes in my bedroom. Oh well. I guess that's life. At least I can make some good dinners and go for a walk in this ever-warming air. Off to work...

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