I've been given sight to see that my previous posts have been a little....blah? Cynical? Frustrated? ha, lots of things. It's definitely an adjustment, not so much the job because I know that like the back of my hand. But, getting used to leaving my baby, with someone I don't know, that's probably the biggest thing, and still figuring out my time lines and the packing of 3 bags every morning. The older he gets the easier it will be: he'll be able to walk, not need bottles, therefore I won't need my Medela PIS bag, and all that jazz.

But, of all things, I'm most frustrated with is my boss. Incompetence. That about sums it up. She scheduled me for 2-3 visits each day with my new clients. The first few I went to the families had no clue I was coming. I figured they just forgot. But when I started looking in the notes in the files most of them hadn't had visits confirmed at all. The last straw was yesterday when I went to a visit and the mom was visibly, clearly, annoyed and ticked. At me? I don't know. She let me come in and do my paperwork, and I rushed through it like never before. Because, I could tell by her annoyed staring into space and ignoring me that she clearly just wanted it to end. She was mad because she said no one had called at all, nothing was scheduled, absolutely not and she just happened to be home. And who looks like the jackass? Me. I asked my boss about it, she says "oh I called, but I just probably forgot to put the note in". Always an excuse. Whatever. So, now I have to call every family and confirm these visits. To which, most of them have said they either didn't know about them, or they were at times that were not good (ie they worked until 4:30 but the visit was scheduled at 3:30???). So, it's just hard and frustrating.

And now there is more laundry because I can't get away with wearing the same pair of jeans 2-3 times a week. I actually have to wear different, decent outfits daily ha! And try not to get cat hair on them before I leave, or pee, poop, puke, you name it. So far, so good.

Kian's got something, virus I guess. Not interested in eating, very gassy, diarrhea and vomited Sunday, but seems okay other than that. Except today after I fed him, I put him on the floor, he crawled to the TV, then turned around to face us. Kevin looks at him and goes "whats on his back?" Um yeah, he went right in the tub, clothes and all while I hosed everything down then gave him a bath. He's only eaten a bagel and a cracker today, thought those would be easy on his stomach. I think he's just going to get every daycare virus/illness in one straight shot, and hopefully build up those immunities! His nose has been running since he started. Oh well. And he's taken to hair twisting, mostly his, since mine is always up. Kind of cute, but I just don't want chunks of hair missing =)

This nicer weather makes the hot tub even better, so that's where I'm headed for some relaxing! After I wash bottles and sippy cups of course. =D

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