I am in love with Kashi. It's delicious, extremely healthy, wholesome, wonderful. And it's reasonably priced. Even BJ's sells Kashi! I just tried their new (?) TLC Tasty Little Cookies Oatmeal chocolate. Mmm! Pumpkin spice granola bars-delish! And my all time fave? The cherry dark chocolate granola bars. Sounds unhealthy right? Wrong. Made with 7 whole grains, natural sugar, no additives, no colors, no nothing. Even the chocolate is natural/organic. Heavenly. Then wonderful Jessica at work told me about Kashi frozen tomato garlic pizza...yay! Just a little plug for Kashi.

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Allisan said...

I love all the Kashi stuff too! I buy it every week. That is the only snack food in our house. GO KASHI!!! :)