Daycare woes

So...our first daycare snafu. I went in to pick Kian up yesterday and his teacher informed me tomorrow (today, Friday) would be her last day. She got a "real job". Four things ran through my mind at that moment:
1. You've only been here one month! (She just started when we were touring)
2. My child is attached to you! (He cries when she goes on lunch break and so he goes and sits with the coordinator in the office until she comes back)
3. That's why I left daycare, a "real" job, so I can't blame her
4. You can't!

Great. He's been happy with her, goes with her fairly easy in the mornings. Ugh!

Then! Then she informs me that I may want to think about bringing his lunch or speaking with the director about the food thing. She tells me that she's been the one pushing them to follow my requests about his food/diet. She makes sure he has a substitute or whatever I bring him, and the other teachers, kitchen staff and director/coordinator have been telling her "just give it to him" or "it's fine, it won't bother him, not a big deal". She feels that when she is gone and not pushing for it they will just feed him whatever. Big sigh. Great.

Now, if Kian was 18 months or even 15 months or whatever, I wouldn't have such a big problem with it. But, he's a few days before 10 months still. Most babies still are doing some jarred foods and some table foods so staff doesn't have to worry about substituting table foods for infants. They really don't have 'alternatives' of the menu for infants. The 12 month infants get cupcakes for snack just like everyone else. I see a problem with that.

I've already brought in snacks and breakfast cereal foods for days when cupcakes and cookies are on the snack menu. Now, I'm going to have to bring his lunch too? I'm paying a lot and you can't offer me plain pasta or a piece of turkey instead of fish stix for lunch? That irks me. If he had an allergy, then they would substitute, because they are on the government food program. (which is so totally UNhealthy!) But, because I want my child to have healthy foods, or to introduce foods slowly, I should have eyes rolled at me and just have him given whatever they feel like it? Wonderful.

So, in my weekly, wonderful Wegmans trip tomorrow I will be looking at the Gerber graduates Organic meals. More money spent, when I feel that daycare could/should help me somewhat? Blah. And yes, I understand partly because I worked at day cares. You can't expect them to substitute peas for broccoli for every kid who just doesn't like broccoli. But we're talking about infants here, being introduced to table foods, not a 3 year old. I know they have things they can buy and not buy. But, they don't ever follow the menu anyways and the government food program is horribly unhealthy and I'd like to know who makes that up on the federal level. Here's an example: breakfast is always English muffins or bagels and cereal for those who want it. Lunches: spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole (not so bad yet) then chicken nuggets, fish stix, pizza, rice bake -it's rice, spag sauce and cheese, sounds gross to me, and grilled cheese comes up a lot. Snacks: pudding, cookies, cupcakes, then one day a week is fruit and fruit dip. One day.

So...that's where we're at...

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The New Mrs. Rue said...

Having worked in child care, the only way we could offer a substitute for anything was with a doctor's note. So I'd suggest calling your son's dr office and having them write you one. We had several children who did this, and if they don't follow it with a doctor's note then they can be shut down. Just an FYI. hope it helps. On a side note, have you thought about finding maybe a home daycare that is licensed by the state? They have to follow all the same rules as reg. centers but they'd prob. be a lot better about the food situation.