Boat ride

Yesterday we went "home" to visit Patrick, Savannah, Kiara & Kenny...and all the animals... Since Saturday was such a beautiful day we decided to take the boat out. Kian hated the life vest, but loved being on the boat. He kept standing up and putting his face in the wind. Then of course he wanted to crawl around the floor. Unfortunately, the boat decided to die. So we floated around for awhile, they fished a bit, sat in warm sunshine, then made it back to shore. Maybe next time the boat will take us where we need to go. Mom, dad if you read this: the boat is FINE, we did NOTHING. Pay no attention to that story. hehe.
This is Savannah, NOT paddling to shore. hehe
Good Ol' Vine Valley beach
It's changed...
PS- I later noticed my camera lens had something smudged on it...ugh! Can't see that through the viewfinder piece.

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