Saturday Morning Post

I don't really have a lot to post about. Work Beyond that, there's no point in talking about it. Spring is literally springing up right around us. In about 2 days we went from buds on trees to leaves! It's so pretty! The warm weather is great--although they are threatening us with some cold 40-ish degrees next week. How dare they! We'll take what we can get I guess.

Kian is doing okay with daycare. He whines when I put him in the car, okay not just whines, throws himself all around the car seat while I try several distractions to try to get him buckled in. Then whines when I try to leave him. It's not so good now as there isn't one consistent teacher with him daily. I really hate that. I hope they can hire someone soon to be in his room full-time. Grr. The food situation is okay, but they still gave him pizza this week. yeah, pizza, at 10 months old, after I wrote a note saying 'please do not give him dairy due to his diarrhea all week, and please substitute with the jar food I brought for foods you are serving that he cannot have". Wonderful. Sometimes I think I should just give up and say 'whatever' but then I think, no, why should I just let him have all sorts of junk and food that is too much for him right now, just to make it easier on them. I mean, I don't want to make it hard, but I am providing the substitute food now, so it isn't harder. I don't want his body filled with junk, and dyes, and additives, and pizza already! Sheesh. The tomato sauce alone would be an acid overkill. So, that's that.

Finalizing baby shower plans for Elissa for next weekend. Holy crow, it's going to be May already! Then that month will just fly by! We're going to attempt to make a cute cake... Elissa is the decorator (and Savannah too!) so we shall see how it turns out. Good thing Wegmans is only 5 minutes away if I screw it up too badly. =)

Kian is really liking being outdoors. we bought him a swing, one of those infant/child swings. He absolutely loves it. We're still trying to make it work on the tree, just right, having no good branches here. The neighbor has an absolutely perfect branch-it's thick, and comes out straight, parallel to the ground for a few feet, not too high from the ground...blah. I want to steal it. And really, they probably would let us put it there but I don't want to be like that.

He is really into babbling and imitating sounds now. If one of us coughs or blows our nose he makes a noise very similar to that. It's pretty funny. He turned ten months on Monday, it's sad in a way, he's just getting so big so fast! He hasn't gained a whole lot of weight, really since Christmastime, but he's getting taller. His hair is getting thicker and looks like it's going to start getting some curl or wave in the back. We've been waiting for this, since Kevin and I both have very wavy/curly hair, and have since we were small--and here Kian has had stick straight hair since he was born! Oh-the other day I took him to bed and I told him say "night-night dada" so he waved. Then I said "say bye-bye dada" and he totally did. He said 'bahbah dada'. I know, no one will believe me. He has actually been going "hi da, or hi dada" for awhile, more purposely lately. The kid's been making "hi" sounds for ages now. He doesn't seem so interested in walking yet, kind of cruising along the couch slowly, but will probably end up talking first! He began playing with his truck like a big boy, he was actually pushing it around the living room-so cute!

Kevin's still working and working on his website, which has sort of stalled because no one's been able to put a lot of time into it, getting it publicized and out there. It's up and functional, running and he's doing some orders, but just not as much as he'd hoped by this time.

So...that is our month in a nutshell. It looks like next month will be pretty busy. Baby showers, Mother's day, my birthday, Lilac Festival!, Memorial Day, then it's June! sheesh! Talk about time flying by... now I am off to enjoy my weekend.

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