Thank goodness it's Friday

Just a little blurb about my Friday.

I woke up on time, so did Kian, meaning he got up early. Got ready, ate, got the bags packed and headed out the door. Crap- the door! Yep, I left my keys in the house. Luckily, I had Kian and my cell phone with me in the car/garage. Hmm...what to do? I called Kevin's cell, left a message. Thought, maybe Elissa had a key and was around. Nope. Called Kevin at work, had him paged. His answer, while trying not to laugh at me? Pry the screen off the window on the porch, pull the window open, climb in and get the keys. Right, sounds simple.

We are getting rid of an old desk and that was outside by the house, underneath one of the windows. So I pry that screen off, of course that window was locked. So I climb on the garden bench in front of the house, pry off another screen. Yay. That window was open. Now, I had to go get the step ladder to reach up into that window. Kian is in his stroller watching the craziness at this point.

Mind you, I had high-heel boots on, like cute, dressy ones. Neighbors must have thought I was insane. So, I hoist myself up there, swinging a leg over onto the new desk that is inside the porch. After first moving a cactus, two cats and a paperweight from the desk. Dust myself off, close up the window, lock everything, run through the house, grab my keys, lock that door, go out into the garage.

Then, I'm putting Kian in his carseat, buckling everything up and making sure I have all my bags. What next? Just as I am about to get in and start the car the RG&E guy comes walking up the driveway. No biggie right? Wrong! Our meters are inside the house! So, I have to unlock the doors again, let him in the house, into the basement, wait for him, turn the lights off, do a cat check, let him out, lock all the doors up...finally leave.

Later than I wanted to leave, later than I wanted to drop him off... but okay, fine. Get to work with like a half hour to spare because I have a hair appointment. Yes, during work. I have comp time to use and that's when I could get it cut. It's been 6 months since I had it cut, it sorely needed it. Severely. Majorly. I figure that will be relaxing, getting my hair done, being pampered a bit.

Wrong, again! It was incredibly busy and every step she did with my hair was stopped and interrupted by her needing to wash someone else, dry someone, start their dye, etc. Holy annoying. Took almost 3 hours! I had to rush back to work to meet the girls for lunch. That was the best part of the day. We are doing the Wegmans/Preferred Care "Eat well, Live well" challenge, so we have been doing fruit and veggie lunches to boost our intakes for our team to win. Talk about good food.

So, the rest of the day wasn't too bad, except that I didn't get much done that needed to be done, but it's fine. I retrieved Kian from daycare, and what do I find? He's sleeping--at 4:40 pm. Okay, I figure it's his second nap and he actually slept today! Nope. It's his FIRST nap, starting at 3:45. The kid was up at 6:30 am. Seriously, way too long to be awake. Then I look closer at his daily sheet: one bottle at 10:20, the other at 3 pm. THREE! Almost 5 hours between bottles? Are you KIDDING me? And yesterday they called me exactly 3 hours from his first bottle, because I had only sent one, asking me where was the second. I let them know that Kevin was getting him early and it was at home. But, today they let him go almost 5 hours between bottles? That's just not acceptable to me.

For breakfast they were serving eggs so I gave him his apple cinnamon puffs with the fruit they were serving. Fine. Well his sheet says that all he ate all day was: puffs, fruit; lunch-fruit, mix vegs and puffs; snack-crackers. Um, what? This is exactly why I brought in back-up jars of food. So... he ate fruit and crackers all day long? Wonderful. I will be having a discussion with the director about this on Monday morning. I am starting to seriously consider putting him somewhere else. I'd just feel bad that he finally got used to people there, kids there, then I'd change him. But, the more I think about it, I remember I really liked the other one too, but told myself I was familiar with his current daycare because I had worked there... that's another issue for another blog and another day!

So when we got home Kian and Kevin settled on the couch for a 5 o'clock. I figured I'd go shopping and pick up dinner and Kian's prescriptions because of his nasty diaper rash. Kevin wanted chicken wings. I got to Wegmans and decided to get his prescription first so I didn't forget. Good thing, because they hadn't filled it yet, even though the doctor called it in, because Kian was a "new" patient. So it wasn't ready. I went shopping for the rest of my things and the wings Kevin wanted. I set them in the cart, only to have the box pop open and spill wing sauce all over my entire cart. Fun times! Not a lot of sauce, but it just went everywhere. Like every box or can had a drop of sauce on it. The poor cashier kid had to keep washing his hands. Oops.

And we ate dinner at 7:30 pm, too late for my belly. And now it's bedtime so that means this crazy day is over and tomorrow will be better! As long as that baby shower cake comes out perfect....

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