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I've worked in daycare. I know there's lots of turn-over, I know it's not a high-paying job, I know all about it. And maybe even unfortunately, I know about this daycare that Kian attends, because I worked there. First, I thought that was a good thing because I knew some of the people-mostly director/supervisor staff, as the teachers are constantly changing. I knew some of the families that still went there, so that's got to be good for something right? Infants that I had are now 4 and 5 and still in the same daycare.

I also remember that they never made me get First Aid training until months after I started, like 6 months I think. I remember they never, ever made announcements or sent letters about changes in staff, how that would affect classrooms, numbers, etc. I know, because when my assistant left, nothing was said. And when I left, gave over 2 weeks notice, not a single parent knew until I told them. When Kian's first teacher left, no one told us. Well, she did, the day before she left. No letter, nothing. Nothing to say how this would change the classroom, how they'd move kids here or there. Nothing. So since she left there has been no consistency in who is in the room, it changes daily. Only good ol' Miss Mae stays the same. She comes in every day at 4 and has since before I was there, to be with the infants. We love Miss Mae.

I know that I can't expect them to be like me, be as good as me, or to do exactly what Kian needs all the time. But, some of the time would be nice. They have all the doors open to the hallways, lights on all day, music going all day, blinds open, etc. Now, when I worked in that infant room we would dim the lights/blinds, close the doors sometimes, etc. to allow the babies to sleep. Knowing that my child will not sleep like this and sharing that with them, I thought maybe they'd try to do at least one of those? Nope. The other kids sleep through anything, because they've been there since day one. So, Kian's out of luck I guess. Therefore, Kian does not sleep.

You all know about the food issue. I've been trying hard to be flexible and brought in acceptable substitutes, but that doesn't seem to matter either. I know that no daycare, no person, no center, no nothing will do exactly what I think Kian should get or what I feel he needs; no one can be as good as mommy. Realizing that is the first step. But, I feel there should be a reasonable alternative.

Please, if I am being unreasonable, you other parents, daycare workers, tell me. But, almost 5 hours without a bottle is NOT acceptable. Not using his diaper cream after I've repeatedly asked, because of how horrendous it was? Is it THAT hard to spread a little cream on? I'm being flexible on the food, food I didn't want him to have in the first place. It seems they don't even care if he sleeps either. They say "oh he's so happy, even if he doesn't sleep here". Yeah, but they don't bring him home cranky, crying, throwing himself on the floor, miserable.

I've always hesitated about home daycares, even though I'd be willing to do it myself, because of the lack of other adults to regulate what really goes on in the home. More so because I don't know a lot of people and good home daycares are usually found by word of mouth and experience, not just randomly picking up the phonebook. But, sometimes I wonder if he'd do better in a home setting. Then I worry there might be too many 'big' kids who'd run him over. I can't win. I don't want to be the parent who can never be satisfied or happy with anything. But I think I am picking the right things to be upset about. He comes home with dirty face and clothes every day (even though I bring him bibs and they keep bibs there) but I haven't complained about that. Or how every day he has some random pacifier in his mouth, even though I brought one that stays in his cubby with his name on it... I can overlook that stuff, but not being given a bottle in almost 5 hours, or never getting cream on his rash...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything?


American Mum said...

This doesn't sound like a good daycare to me. I'm with you on wanting a daycare for the fact that it's more regulated. I'd find a different daycare. The things you're requesting aren't unreasonable. A good daycare would have done all those things. In NC, there's a star rating based on surprise checks, qualifications, staff training, etc. I'm sure there must be something similar in NY? Just find a website with ratings and start going to each one to visit. It might be a long and painstaking process, but you're bound to find a good one!

Tammy said...

Sounds like a hell hole.

The New Mrs. Rue said...

I would definately try to find a different one, or perhaps even a nanny to come to your home. You could have a nanny cam, one that's live if that would make you feel better. You should report them to the state since they did not feed him a bottle for 5 hours. We were required to mark everytime we fed, changed, applied creams, etc. for each child. But again we were required to have a drs note for any creams, or change of menu. If I still lived in NY, I'd offer to watch him for you, but I hope and pray that you can find a good place for him to be and one that you feel good about knowing that he is being loved and cared for.

Jessica said...

Gosh I'm sorry!
I worked in daycare too, and wasn't impressed either.
Would it help to make a big stink? Or would they just hold it against you?

You could totally do home day care. Then you could be with your sweet heart all day & give some other lil darlings the love they need too...