Baby gear I like, and that I find unnecessary

Besides the obvious: crib, highchair, changing table and dresser that is.

Stuff I love and definitely would want again:

*Baby sling-better than a carrier/front-pack/snugli and way more ways to carry them from newborn phase until toddler (I even have a baby Bjorn and prefer the sling! less weight on baby's legs too)

*bouncy seat-great for when I needed to use the bathroom, a quick shower, throw laundry in, before Kian was sitting or would stay on the floor much, also helped keep the cats out of his face


*bathtub-with newborn hammock, this was nice when he was brand new and slippery, the hammock held him securely so I could wash him.

*Nuby sippy cup, this was a great beginner cup with no valves, easy to suck out of, he learned quickly on this one -around 4 months.

*books! I've read to Kian from day one and he loves books now.

*a mother's intuition-you do know what your baby needs, wants and will do the right thing

*gowns, lots of them

*washcloths, lots and lots of them

Stuff I see no need for/never used:

*swing (I refused to let him get used to sleeping in there, didn't want to break that habit down the road, so he used it while we ate dinner a few times, that's all. Once he was sitting up or rolling he had no interest)

*wipe warmers

*bottle warmers

*stuffed animals (people give you way, way, way too many)

*baby wedges/sleep positioners-baby usually wriggle out of them anyway

*books like Babywise/Toddlerwise, To train up a child--talk about extreme parenting...

*disposable bibs, place mats or other disposable the earth-wash it

*color changing spoons/cups/etc. -with all the gadgets and gear parent's don't even have to think anymore! Baby Einstein will teach baby how to walk/crawl/sign/talk, gadgets will tel you if food or drink is too hot/cold, you don't even have to use your own finger for it anymore! totally overrated.

*changing pad covers-one more thing to wash or throw in the laundry. the plastic pad could go right in the tub to be hosed off.

Stuff that is nice to have around, but not a necessity:

*Pack-n-play, it definitely is great for traveling, especially over night. I also used mine downstairs for Kian to nap as a newborn and it had a bonus changing table so I didn't have to climb the stairs immediately postpartum. I never used it as a play pen thing.

*exersaucers-Kian just didn't and still doesn't care much for them-hates being confined (he did however love his jumperoo for about 5 months until crawling) I advocate floor time a lot, but it got used a bit during dinner prep, even with Kian protesting.

*bumper pads on cribs-yes I know doctors say no, but when Kian began sitting up/pulling up in his crib I put them in because his poor noggin got whacked too many times

*pacifiers--my "frenemy"

I'm sure there's so much more I'll think of but I needed a yawn-inspiring post for a Friday that didn't require much thinking...feel free to add on...

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Meg said...

Hmm things I don't care for. #1, this blog entry. That is all.