Saturday Morning Post

My blogging has become quite random since returning to work. It's not enough to suffice Jon and his hoped for readings at work. Too bad. I rather like this Saturday morning post, it allows me to sum up the week before starting anew.

Monday was a normal day, went well. Kian was still not feeling well or eating anything.
Tuesday he wasn't even taking a bottle at daycare. I'd had enough of all the diarrhea, snotty nose and now not eating. I took him to the doctor to take care of all his sicklies once and for all.
Wednesday I began feeling that fullness in my ears and throat and getting scratchy. I went home a tad early and by Wednesday night was feeling it full-on. I went to bed with chills and I must have had a fever that broke in the middle of the night because I woke up sweating and had to rip off the 4 blankets, socks and pants I put on to keep warm.
Thursday we stayed home and rested together, Kian and I that is. Although, I am not sure how much rest i got with a 10 1/2 month old who was feeling rather well by now.
Friday I opted for the doctor and she bypassed the throat culture because she saw immediately the nastiness and white spots in my throat. Thank you very much for not gagging me!

Unfortunately, we are back into this ridiculous-ness at work again. How many times does the supervisor, director and Human Resources have to be in on all this and nothing getting resolved and petty, self-esteem-stoking people whine and complain about every little thing? I am so over it. It's either that or the rest of them party hard and talk about their exploits. Call me old, or old-fashioned or whatever, it's extreme. I have no problem walking out if the games continue or they try to rope me in or nothing gets fixed. I returned there because it was easier than learning a new job with a baby in daycare for the first time and all that going on. I go in, do my job and leave, that's all there is too it. I have a life and I don't need coworkers feeding my ego or liking me to get my job done. So, that's that.

We're into the Mother's day/birthday/Lilac Fest weekend. I love that Lilac Fest is free. We may go tomorrow or if not, then the following weekend before it ends. We got our whatever that rebate tax thing is called back on top of the rest of our rebate so we got a new grill and I got the carpet cleaner. Yay. The rest goes into savings and to paying Kevin's blazer off. I really don't like to spend money. So we have to visit Kevin's family tonight, my family I get a say about how I want to spend my first mother's day? What if I wanted to stay home all weekend in my bathrobe and be fed grapes in bed? Hmm....not grapes, how about stuffed mushroom caps and cheese fondue? Yeah, that sounds good!

Now we move onto the spring/summer projects. The final one in the house being the removal of the wall paper in the family room and then painting it. Outside we need to fill the pool hole and shape up our flower beds again. They're not bad, just some more mulch and weeding. And that darn woodchuck hole that ruined my side flower garden. Here's a hint: in my research to get rid of this darn animal it had all these traps, fox urine sprays, poisons, etc. and expensive pest removal--I said let me try something free. If fox gets rid of them, why not cat? well, my cats aren't fighters, so I went down to the litter box and got a scoop of used litter and spread that around the woodchuck hole. And what do you know? He's never come back! How's that for quick, easy and free pest control!!

Happy weekend!

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Whaa said...

Well you can always play Yahtzee then invite mumbles and his mother over for a round of Bridge. haha