Time? where are you?

This month has been very busy already! The first weekend was full of cake making and baby showers. Last weekend was Mother's day and it's just flying by. Even day to day I wonder where my times goes. Work is crazy busy and I barely have two seconds to breathe there either.

I realized I hadn't updated Kian's totsite in awhile--oops! www.totsites.com/kgbaby So I spent some time tonight adding his new skills and fun stuff on there.

I have had the movie maker program open on my computer for about a week and haven't edited the videos yet.

I could list all the things I haven't done, or need to do, or neglected, or should have done...but instead I'm going to say what I have done:

I snuggled my baby boy before bed. I read him stories and kissed him goodnight. I prepared his bag for the next day. I worked hard at my job today and made clients feel important and met their needs. I made a wonderful dinner for my husband and *allowed* him to take a nap while I blogged. I petted my cats and fed them (okay -after Kian threw their food and water all over the kitchen). I had 3 chocolate chip cookies and didn't feel guilty about it because it was my birthday yesterday. I walked on the beach in the warm sand with my husband and baby boy yesterday and had fun. I sent a note to a friend. I made plans to meet up with old friends. I supported my coworker. I lost another pound in the last week or so-without trying! I emailed Jon at work to entertain him during the long day. I cut and enjoyed my purple Irises. I got flowers delivered! I enjoyed the warm sun today. I enjoyed my life today.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! That was a happy blog :)