Saturday Morning Post

Actually, it's afternoon. But, an early morning trip to Wegmans followed by a child's nap, putting away groceries, scrubbing the entire fridge, washing and putting away dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting and cleaning windows will rather quickly turn morning into afternoon. And Kian's still sleeping...going on 3 hours. That's fine by me, I get the house picked up, he gets to catch up on all that sleep he misses at daycare all week.

So, this week had it's ups and downs. Sunday my parents came up and I ended up cooking my own, and my mom's Mother's day brunch...and cleaning up...hmm how's that work? It was good though. Short.
Monday was just an ordinary work day. Recovering nicely from Strep.
Tuesday was my birthday. I had to work, in the past I've taken the day off, but my boss had scheduled things for me before I even came back, so no luck. I made it a shorter day though. Lingered around eating breakfast with Kian, dropped him off to daycare later, and cut out right after my meeting around 3. We went up to the beach to walk around, play in the warm sand (and of course we forgot the camera!) then had dinner up there. I got some good presents =)
Pretty much the rest of the week was the typical, work, dinner, bed routine.

Kian has begun actually sleeping at daycare. Still no morning naps that he likes to still take here, but he's been sleeping over an hour, 2-3 times this week. It's simply amazing what having a consistent teacher will do for a child eh? Yes, there is finally a full-time teacher in there. Hallelujah! And I like her, she seems laid back and relaxed, and she always asks me the last time he ate and had a diaper, etc. This is great so that she and the staff know what he'll need when, and allows us to just have a conversation. I've always tried to give other staff a run-down but they never seemed I'm glad to have her in there.

Kevin avoided the strep fiasco, not sure how, but he did. That's good for him, he was sick enough over the winter. We're all feeling great again. It doesn't look like we'll make it to the Lilac! Today started out rather warm and sunny and I thought "oh here's my chance" but it's dark and pouring rain now. And tomorrow's supposed to be worse! And to top it off, my darn lilac bush only produced ONE bloom this year. I have no idea why! Last year it had several, even though it was a baby bush. I'll have to do some investigating.

Now that my house is clean I think I'll do a little researching on some flowers and plants I need for my gardens around the house. We have one shade garden in the front of the house and a very full-sun spot out back. I'm not good at figuring out what blooms when so that I always have a continuum of flowers blooming. I have a lot in early spring, then not so much, then a lot towards fall. Any suggestions? I'm going for more hostas out front for shade I think, some flowering hostas, and one shady small bush...maybe?

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Indy said...

There aren't many summer blooming plants.