things on a highway

Here's a list of things I have seen over the last week of driving for work on the expressways here in Rochester (390, 490, 590):

1 pink, puffy winter coat

1 black boot1 red sneaker (why is there only ever one shoe, not the pair?)

1 maroon sweatshirt

1 exersaucer (yes, baby exersaucer)

1 black t-shirt

1 ball1 garbage bag, looked to be full

a few boxes

1 deer

1 turkey

several raccoons

1 possum

2 woodchucks

1 2x4

2 hub cabs

and the best:1 child's plastic picnic table, in primary colors (oh yes! on the side of the express way!)


ALLISAN said...

what is wrong with people!! All that litter and crap. That is a lot of stuff!

LuAnn said...

More evidence that you women are bad drivers! you shouldn't be tabulatiing what's on the side of the road while driving!