Saturday Morning Post

Quite the busy week has been had. Never mind that I am literally running around the entire county (and Monroe county is big...bigger than Ontario or Yates county) so my gas budget keeps going up. Fortunately I get reimbursed for mileage so that does help. But running from the far corners of Webster, to Hamlin (twice) and Honeoye Falls is a bit hard on me...and my vehicle. Especially with 2-3 visits per day. Yeah, it's just craziness.

Highlight of the week: Kian is now saying "uh oh" and "kitty". He's been trying to say kitty for awhile, but it's definitely recognizable now as "diddy". He's been imitating my intonation and syllables when I say things like "uh oh" or "get down"-to the cats, or "thank you" but it's never sounded like the correct sounds. Until Sunday he said 'uh oh' when he dropped his cup over the side. I was quite pleased, that he could say it AND he got what it meant. I'll try not to think my child is the smartest thing ever.

Work of the week: we have been painting our family room downstairs. All of it...and I mean all of it. We first steamed the wallpaper off. Then primed the entire room. Including the wainscoting and woodwork walls. 2 nights of priming, followed by 2 nights of painting white walls and trim. Then Thursday we painted the actual color on the walls. It's called silver plum, but in reality it's a very light gray. I almost wonder if I should have gone a shade darker for more contrast against the white. However, the room looks much, much bigger and brighter. And to open it up more we switched couches with the upstairs living room. The black leather ones look much better down here with the light gray paint, and the green one goes better up that was a tiring project, with a nice outcome.

Yesterday however, Kevin and I began feeling ill. I had heard from clients and coworkers about this 'bug' going around. And sadly, I came down with it and threw up last night. No, it's not any symptoms of pregnancy, trust me. Not this month. So after that I actually felt quite a bit better. So hopefully it was a short-lived 24 hour thing.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful weather-wise. I plan on tilling my garden area today and buying the vegetables to get them going. I love having a garden. It's totally the highlight of my summer. Last year my garden fell prey to many a weed and being newly postpartum I didn't really have the time or energy to combat them. It yielded some harvest, but not as much as the previous year. So, this year will be a good one, as I plan on expanding my garden size as well. Maybe I'll let Kian help pull weeds =)

Sunday I think we're going to grill with Kevin's parents. Monday I plan on taking Kian out to the parade in Rushville to see everyone I haven't seen in forever, and meet their babies I've never met, and let people meet Kian who have never seen him... Should be interesting.

And I'll insert some long overdue pictures...

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OJ said...

You two are the most unhealthy people.