Catching up from the weekend...

Because of all that was going on, I didn't get to blog my usual Saturday Morning Post. It was quite the long week and busy weekend. There is a lot going on at work with changes in people and the job and other things we will find out soon, I hope. It's very strange so it will be nice to actually know what is really going on.

Friday I got out of work early to have a "parent-teacher conference" with Kian's teacher. It's just funny, I mean how much can you 'conference' about on a 12 month old? She just said that they are working on using spoon/fork with him and increasing the sippy cup. I am cutting out the bottles gradually. I only send one bottle, about 3 oz, then a sippy cup of Organic Whole Milk (unfortunately, he was reacting to both soy and rice milk! go figure!). Then Kian and I went grocery shopping for his party. I came home to make Grandma McKnight's famous potato salad!

Saturday, the actual birthday! Kevin worked in the morning, like a typical Saturday morning. I cleaned and baked cakes while Kian napped. Then we went to Seabreeze after lunch for my employee picnic, and of course Kian's birthday! Jon went with us, when doesn't Jon go with us? =) Here's a few pictures--

Taking Kian on the train: Jon and Kevin waiting in line for the Bobsleds...looooong wait:
Kian on the carousel:
Kevin and Jon on the Yoyo/Swings:
Kian, chillin' after some water rides:
He did so well at Seabreeze. He rode in his stroller fine . We took him in the wave pool and on the lazy river. Unfortunately, our tube turned under this mushroom shower thing and Kian and I got blasted in our faces. I tried to shield him but he started to scream, and I my contacts went MIA for a few minutes. But, he was fine. The kiddie water activities were still a little older for him, as were the other rides. I won him a small zebra playing the 'whack-a-mole' game. He even napped for a bit. When we got home that night he was still wired so we let him open his presents from us.
Books, books and more books. The boy loves books, so he got about 20 of them from us.

Sunday was Kian's birthday party! We made sure to give him a good morning nap before everyone arrived. We grilled some chicken and sausage and had that famous potato salad of Gram's. Dad gave it a 98 out of a 100. I think that's the closest I'll ever come. No one can ever get it 'just right'. Even I admit, it's not 100% the same. But it came out well at least. Because Kian's cake didn't come out as I had hoped, I had to make a quick Wegmans run to buy another for the rest of the guests. Oops. He did great, he wasn't cranky, he ate, he played, he let everyone pass him around and wanted to play with all his toys. It was a great day!

He had so many presents! I'm glad I didn't turn this into a really big deal, I don't think I could take any mroe presents!Sandbox from grandma & grandpa glor:His mohawk, courtesy of Aunt NeeNee:I made his cake, but it didnt' turn out as well as I'd hoped. It was a number 1 just with sugar stars all over it. We have video of Kevin and Kian ruining it. I'll try to get that up later this week.His bike from Mema & Gramps: He looks like such a big boy here!

And tonight for the final baby to toddler passage: we turned the carseat around in Kevin's car, so he's facing forward. We haven't taken the infant seat out of my vehicle to put in his new seat yet, maybe tomorrow. TOmorrow he also has his 12 month check up. I don't anticipate any issues, but I hear we might have to do a lead/blood test. No fun!


McGillacutty said...

Wow I look bigger than Kevin. He better hit the gime. That baby has manboobs.

TulipGirl said...

Love the pics! Looks like such fun!