Kian's 1 year pictures

This past Friday we had Kian's pictures taken, like at a studio, not a department store. Much better, captured him, not the commercial backgrounds they promote at dept stores.

We had them done at Chesler's with Amanda (Schinsing) Lee, who I went to school with/graduated with. She has a few on her blog: or on the studio website

She did a great job! She was able to keep him entertained (as much as a 12 month old, teething, fever-ridden baby can be) and was willing to do whatever we wanted, went along with our 'props' and she has amazing prices!

Now the difficult is to actually decide which ones to get (I want them all) in which sizes, etc. etc. etc. and so forth....*

ps-you'll get a gold star if you can name where that is from*


American Mum said...

Aw they look great! Every time you mention a name, it always sounds vaguely familiar, from a different world! But now it's coming back to me..

The New Mrs. Rue said...

It's from the King & i!!! happy bday Kian!


Allisan said...

Those pictures are great! The 3 of you look great! I love the one with you and Kian looking out a window!!!! That should be blown up big!!!