Wordless Wednesday with a twist

Ok, I'm not really participating, but I thought I'd share what I feel is "vintage" for me these days:

Size 10 pants!

Goodbye 8's and 10's, HELLO 6's!!

Now go check Rachel's other real contestants! For more Wordless Wednesday Fun: www.americanmum.blogspot.com

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American Mum said...

Wow! Way to go, Krysten! You're my hero. I'm stuck at eight. In fact I've never been below. eight. That would be unchartered territory. You definately need to link up to celebrate that victory!

Now about this dog food thing... At first I thought I had no recollection at all about what you were talking about. But the more I think about it, I have this sense that there's a memory deep down in there somewhere. You used to live across from the school, right? Is that where said incident took place? I have a really bad memory!