In Real Life fest

I saw this on Rachel's and a few other people's blogs (courtesy of Jessica@FarmFresh) and thought "I have to do that". This is a no prep, no cleaning, no 'photo shopping', just raw footage. I'll not be afraid to show you what a working mother's house looks like by the end of the week, with minimum cleaning, maximum activity, arriving home after the dinner hour... yep it's real life alright. Don't be afraid...

First up- a look at the fridge. Kevin hates a fridge covered in magnets, so all we have is Kenny & Kiara's school pics and a card from daycare for Father's Day. On top is a different story-huge canister of protein powder, bagels and a food processor, that gets more use than you'd expect:

Inside you can see Wegmans organic rice milk, Santa Cruz organic Lemonade (best ever! tastes just like fresh-squeezed); the second shelf is full of vitamins and supplements (acidophulis, cod liver oil, etc.) organic yogurt. Then there's the mommy milk bottles and sippy cup, with a wretched pizza hut box on top because I had a dinnertime visit with a client in the city and that was the quickest thing! Ack! My poor fruit drawer is painfully empty. And in the freezer 3, yes 3 boxes of Edy's Natural fruit pops. Lord almighty are they the best ever! With real chunks of strawberries mmmm...

Next up: A closet. I chose the closet Kevin and I share because it's the most organized and has beautiful doors that were already here when we bought the house. Even though they don't match the white trim, I didn't care, I love them.

Back to the kitchen for a peek at my overflowing sink: Always a cat on there, either drinking out of it, or because it's the perfect bird/squirrel watching spot into the backyard. (Notice Rocky following me around for this picture-taking quest)

The list calls for a toilet next. I chose this one because it really irks me. It was this way when we bought it, but I didn't notice when viewing the house. I noticed when I wanted to repaint the bathroom. THE TOILET SEAT DOESN"T MATCH! Ugh. An off-white toilet and they had put a white toilet seat on it. Why?! Again...there's Rocky....

My favorite pair of shoes: Granted, I'm usually barefoot, indoors and out, even at work, but I adore these boots. I can actually walk in the heel, it's not too high and they are so comfortable! And chic, if I may say so!

On to my favorite room: Not because I spend more than 20 seconds in here, but because I alone scraped off the wallpaper, sanded, picked out the paint, flooring and accessories, then painted it. It's just a girly little bathroom. Delish!

What my child is doing now: 9:30 at night---sleeping!

And so was Kevin- (in our newly redone room, we painted all that woodwork white, from maple! excuse the toys)

And the list calls for a peek at the laundry next: My laundry is in my basement, which is essentially a mini-gym. So of course I use the benches for holding laundry.
And last on the list: A self-portrait. Sigh. Please ignore the huge zit on my forehead. After taking all these pictures, running around the house, Rocky and I stopped for a little rest in the spare bedroom...because I love the bedding in there.

And there you have it--my real life Thursday night!

*ps-I counted at least 52 items in my fridge that bear the Wegmans name. Hi, my name is Krysten, and am a Wegmans addict.

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