A Late Saturday Morning Post

Probably because I posted more this week than in recent weeks.

It's been the same old, same old around here mostly. With the exception of Baby Grant's arrival. Kian got to meet him on Thursday night. It went like this:

Actually, Kian tried to give him a kiss the first time we showed Grant to him. (He gives kisses when he feels like it, not on command, so that was pretty cool!) He's used to babies and crying and such at daycare that he didn't really think much of it. He didn't care or act jealous when I was holding the baby (good sign so far). But, then we tried to get a few pictures of them together, and then Kian wanted to touch him and Grant was sliding in the couch and you know how that goes...south.

We've been doing some weeding and rearranging of our flower gardens. Nothing too exciting around here really. Made plans for Kian's one year portraits and some family pictures also. That will take place this coming Friday. Starting to make the plans for Kian's birthday party. Nothing huge. I don't want to overwhelm him and don't think it's really necessary to have 100 relatives whom he sees once or twice a year and make them feel obligated to bring a gift. Lord knows he's got plenty of toys already and I know just between his two sets of grandparents he'll be loaded this time around too. *I found organic cake mixes at Wegmans, how cool is that. Now, if I have time I like to make things from scratch but it's great to know that's there! I might try them for his birthday cake(s).

I finally put Christmas pictures in albums and realized I haven't printed pictures since the end of January. So I spent the afternoon uploading and ordering pictures for the last 5 months! I didn't know i was that far behind.

Saturday, Kian and I went to Kmart for a nice kiddie pool, to try and beat this 90+ degree heat. Luckily it's not as muggy so it's easier to deal with. He loved it. He loves bath time, but I think being in the warm sun made him enjoy it even more, that or I let him go bare naked in it =)

Friday I met a cool mom, to one of my clients. There are parents I like, there are those I dislike, but of course with the job you meet all kinds and you just act professional no matter what. But, my 20 minute, release-signing visit turned into over an hour. We just kept finding things we had in common. She was about my age, with her first child and we found a lot of common ground and kept getting off the subject of the visit. Which is totally fine and acceptable. These are the families I tend to visit more in person, rather than on the phone, like the ones I am not so fond of. Oops. Bet ya I'll get a great review on that record when I turn it in!

Thursday, I think, we had a fast-moving, but powerful and intense rain/thunder storm. There was lots of lightning and I heard a huge crack. I told Kevin that I was pretty sure the lightning had just hit something. He brushed it off. Well, Friday morning around 6:30 I looked out the bathroom window and saw branches, big ones. I went outside and realized they weren't just branches fallen from the wind. They were half-of-a-tree-branches, 20 feet long and who knows how wide, that got severed from lightning. And the place the lightning hit them was only a foot or two from the power lines! Thank God the power lines were not hit, who knows what would have happened! The tree looks kind of funny, a little naked, and you can see through it more now. Oh well.

So, that's about it for now, when Kian wakes up we'll go test out his little pool again.

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