52 weeks

So, Kian is almost a year old. Already. I can't believe how fast that first year went. That means the next 18 will go just as fast, if not faster. Eek. I can't think about being the parent of a teenager yet! Ick.

We are thinking about the whole first birthday and party scenario. On his birthday is my employee picnic at Seabreeze and we are going to go, take him, do the kiddie rides and water activities. I think he'll enjoy it. Plus, hey, it's free food! I wanted to do something special with just him and Kevin that day anyway, so it can be one of his many "firsts". We don't have to hang out with or even see other employees/coworkers if we don't want to, which is kind of nice.

Then we get to the birthday party. I have been going back and forth with this one. My practical side says: -he's just 1, 12 months he doesn't know what's going on, nor will he remember it; -he'll need at least one nap that day; -we have a ton of extended family on both sides which means a ton of people to feed, "house" and i don't want them to feel obligated to buy him presents/toys, which he has plenty of and I don't have room for. But, then there's the other side that's saying 'oh we should go all out'. And I think it's more because of what other people (clients, family, friends, etc.) say about the first birthday. Kevin and I do a big Labor Day picnic every year and that's a good time to get together with friends and family, without the obligation of buying a present for Kian, him having to be happy all day with people he barely sees, and be "on" all day and be cute and pose for pictures, etc.

So, what I have decided, so far, is invite our parents and our siblings (so he has his grandparents and aunts and uncles and his first cousin). I think that alone will be overwhelming for him, and me. And I know grandparents and gifts, so he'll get plenty of presents. I think I am over analyzing this too much, that I might be "jipping" him of a huge bash (even though he won't remember). Plus, it's not like he has "friends" yet, and my friends with little ones live too far away to join us.

I am going to try to make a # 1 shaped cake. I managed to turn out a decent baby cake for the baby shower, so I have some confidence that this will turn out pretty good too. Then I think I will add an ice cream cake as well for whoever. Barbecue some chicken and grill some sausage, veggies, Gram's potato salad, and chicken wing dip and we're in business. N'est ce pas?

Any other thoughts, suggestions, memory-maker things I should do?


The New Mrs. Rue said...

Maybe instead of presents, you could ask your friends and family to donate to a certain charity? just a thought...

American Mum said...

For Noah's first birthday,we just had it with family. A general rule is 1 guest per year for child parties, but some people like to have a big party for the first. Christy had a big party for B's first, and that was fun, as was our family get togerther for Noah's first. It's all up to how you think Kian will cope with it!

Nadal said...

It doesn't matter to me bc I won't be there. hehe. Wasn't I invited to this Seabreeze thing? I recall an email on it? Need I search for it?