Saturday Morning Post

This week has dragged out (drug out? been dragging out?). Aside from the numerous trainings we have at work this month, which really put a damper on my turning in 55 cases for review by the end of the month, it's just been busy. And we have 2 more half-day trainings this week. But, I get to close 3 or 4 cases this week, which is nice. That will put me down to about 56 cases (state limit is 60). Wonderful. I'm not keeping up with them all that well, but as much as I can. Apparently there's a great influx of children needing speech therapy, physical therapy, having Autism, etc. in Monroe County lately. Sheesh.

Donated some of Kevin's extra weights and equipment to one of the men's residential rehab houses at work. Glad to get some of that out of the garage. Now to get rid of the clothes, random appliances and other household junk that's not paying rent, but taking up space in my garage!

Kian's molars are coming in, both top ones, on either side. I can feel some ridges poking through slightly, so it must be pretty painful. He's not so thrilled about it. Thursday he was just miserable and then got a sudden fever. So, I stayed home with him on Friday because he had a temp of 102. He can't go to daycare if he has a fever of 101. Like I'd send him with a fever anyways? And of course, yesterday was the day we were to get our pictures taken. Like, real pictures, not just Sears photos. I gave him some Motrin right before we left (as it was in Canandaigua) and he slept the whole way there. His fever must have broke while in the car, because he was a puddle of sweat, so was his seat. And then he seemed fine, just a little tired. But he did really well for all the pictures we were taking. They should be online soon-yay.

Then we made the rounds and visited all the broken people in my family. My grandma sprained/fractured her ankle and toes. And my sister had to have surgery on her nose (no, not a nose job!). So, we stopped by with Kian to see all of them. All of them bandaged and gory. Nice. Then I found out another cousin was all banged up and had to have surgery. Sheesh. I love how they all "had" to do it the same week =)

Kevin's killing me here with decisions about this weekend-this being his first official Father's Day. I wanted to plan something nice, maybe go out to breakfast and whatever with him. But he's hinging all his plans on the weather for fishing with his dad. Which means he can't make a real decision yet until the weather either cooperates or not. Which mean, I have to try to figure out which day he'll be around and which day we see his family? I said not both days. So, if that's what he wants to do, to wait around and figure it out, he can. I've got things to do. Like: prepare for Kian's party next Sunday, pick up a few decorations, get a new bathing suit (ew) for Seabreeze next Saturday, and pick up a Father's day gift for Kevin and my dad. (I told him now that I have to worry about him and my dad, he's on his own with his dad. I can't do all that shopping and card picking-out anymore.)

This coming week will be a little crazier (is that word?) more crazy, getting the house picked up and ready for Kian's birthday. Making his cake(s), decorating, and doing it early because we are going to Seabreeze on Saturday-his actual birthday. I've begun my list of things to do and make for the week. I like making lists and checking them off, makes me feel like I've accomplished something! I'd better go start checking things of my house cleaning list before Kian wakes up...

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fed said...

You can go to dinner at the rednecks house if you'd prefer. i'd sure as hell don't want to.