Yes, I realize that this post is on the late side. It was nice to get away for the weekend, without phones, computers, TV, Judge Judy, random drop-ins, etc. Just peaceful, warm, sunny, wide open spaces, beaches, ponds, and Snickers ice cream bars...

Here's Kian locked in the camper while we set up:

Kevin's bass:

Big boy cups:

(his shirt says "I get my muscles from my dad"!!)

This is how you cook bacon while camping:

Passed out on the boat:

That is a helicopter in the distance, dropping off a parachuting/sky-diving Santa. Yes, Santa! It was "Christmas in July" weekend at the campground.

Patrick, Savannah and Zoey on the paddle boats (Zoey=dog):

Kevin on the paddle boats, yum:

A weird bug Kevin found, eating a fly:

Not-so-good, nighttime picture of all the campers with Christmas lights on them, around the lake:

Big boy sleeping, with his fave dog:

Pre-breakfast fishing on the lake:

Is he a big boy or a baby? Because I can't tell anymore. Yep, he's got wifebeaters, just like daddy:

Well, since Savannah was sitting in her chair having coffee, Kian figured he should be too. Only, it's juice:

Making home fries/hash browns, hash fries is more like it, whatever they were, they were delicious!

Here's the finished product, so good!

Here's one I played around with. Patrick looks like he's standing on the water. And I really liked Zoey in the foreground. I put different filters on it for fun. This might be the filmgrain filter, but I forgot which order I added them in-oops!

This is the colored pencil look. I like it.


Tony said...

Ugh, looks horrible.

Rosie : ) said...

Camping is such fun!

It sure looks like your family had a fun time... I love those "passed out" shots of the kids. It usually indicates them playing and being outside having fun all day! ;)

Camp food is so good also. We use a campfire to make our food, but we have this absolutely *huge* pan that can hold 1 pound of bacon or a dozen eggs... it's wonderful!