130 and how you ask?

I just have to brag for a minute here. Give me 20 seconds of self-indulgence, self-centered boasting. 130. 130 pounds! I haven't seen this number in quite a long time.

I'll be completely honest here too. I was in the low 140's when I got pregnant and gained 38lbs during my pregnancy. I believe I was around 182 when I gave birth. Sickening isn't it? (I wasn't as careful as I should have been, especially the last month full of huge Lugia's mint chocolate chip waffle cones.)

The first 6 months I didn't do anything except a walk around the block occasionally. I felt that since all the holidays were upon us, what was the point of trying to lose weight and diet then? But, I was still steadily losing some weight, even slowly. This is completely, 100% due to the breastfeeding.

After Christmas I got serious. When Kian went down for his morning naps I had an hour and a half to two hours and I used it wisely. I would run/jog on the treadmill (in interval speeds and inclines) for 20-30 minutes. Then I would circuit around the weight equipment. Yes, I know not everyone has that, but all you need is a couple of dumbbells for all the easy-peasy exercises I was doing.

The weight started melting off. Then, I started back to work. I had zero time in the beginning to do anything, except take an occasional walk again.

Here's the other thing that made a huge difference, you can believe it or not, it's up to you. But when everyone asks me how I lost all this weight (52 pounds since last June) I tell them: breastfeeding and changing my diet. Because I haven't put a ton of exercise into it lately at all, and I am still losing.

The diet part: Kevin had been getting sick a lot and having weird symptoms and when nothing was being figured out and nothing was helping I said, we need to change our diet. So, out went everything with any kind of artificial, chemical, excess junk. I always buy tons of produce, about half of my grocery bill is on produce alone. We do not buy pop (soda for the rest of you), we drink only 100% juices. I do not drink milk. Kevin and Kian drink organic milk (hormone/antibiotic free thank you!) We eat a ton of chicken, red meat only about once a week. Pork here and there. Pastas are whole wheat. Potato chips are a rarity- for Kevin only. No pop-tarts, no cookies, nada.

I've always been 'healthy' eater and a label reader. But, now I'm a serious label reader. The fewer ingredients it has, the more likely it will go into my cart. If it has tons of ingredients, and chemical sounding ones, or ones I can't pronounce and don't know what it is, it goes back on the shelf.
No high fructose corn syrup. That is the biggest calorie sucker ever. A brief lesson: HFCS is processed through the body differently than regular sugar/natural sugars. From what I read it has to do with the liver and ends up using different stores in our bodies and then stores this 'sugar' as a fat. Kevin always asks why people are so huge, I say because they eat so much processed food!
I'm not the super food Nazi. Kevin has ice cream every week. Kian has had cakes and cookies (funny thing is he doesn't really like them that much). But I keep it simple, more produce, less processed foods, lots of multi grains.

Breakfast is oatmeal or yogurt/granola, I have a snack around 10-usually a granola bar, lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, carrots, pretzels, piece of fruit. When I get home I might have a quick snack while making dinner which is usually chicken in salad, chicken in pasta, grilled chicken, etc. (we love chicken) with whole grain/brown rice, and whatever veggie I make. "Desserts" for me and Kian are Edy's natural fruit bars. They are delicious! With real strawberry chunks in them!

So, that is how I believe I have lost, and continue to lose weight. I guess having a baby was good for me. =)

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Allisan said...

Congratulations! I am a big lable reader now too. Since I have been eating all natural and organic foods I feel better!! Nate has lost over 10 pounds and I have lost 5. If I were to loose anymore though I would look sick. I am sure though when I get pregnant I will gain a lot of weight. Hopefully I will loose it just like you did though.