Walking! Recap of the week...

It's been eventful and even crazy this past week. We've had lots of company, work has been extremely busy, and then there's the weather. This "summer" weather is depressing me. It's rained every day. Seriously. Every day. For about 4 weeks it's been rainy, cloudy and just...blah. It's very hard to do anything, go anywhere, be outside, or have any energy, when the weather just will not cooperate!

Sunday my parents and the kids came up because we hadn't seen them in about a month. Kian of course loved seeing everyone. My mom really wanted to see him walking and kept encouraging him to do it. That evening he was taking more steps outside. He'd been taking 2-3 alone between furniture, but then later that night I turned around from the computer and he took 10 across the living room. Of course. I also made a great pizza with tomato and pesto sauce!

Monday I arrived at daycare to pick up Kian and his teacher says "did they tell you about him?" I said no, figuring he had fallen and hurt himself or something. She says "I don't know if I should tell you." I said "what are you talking about? Tell me!" She said he was walking around the room today, 5 steps here, 8 steps there, etc. But, she didn't know if he had started taking steps at home and didn't want to 'ruin it' if he hadn't, if we hadn't seen him do it first. I assured her he'd been taking steps at home too. And so, when we got home, I put him down and that was that. He's been a walker ever since. He still crawls at times and especially if he wants something fast. He realizes he can get there faster by crawling still.

Tuesday I spent almost half of my day in the car. I had to drive to Hamlin, but not just Hamlin, far, far, north Hamlin. It's a 40 minute drive out, 40 minute drive back and I was there at the client's home for an hour and a half. And it was hot, and it's a lot of gas. These are the days it really stinks working for the county.

Wednesday was just a long day and so we decided to have dinner at the little diner in North Chili. It's decent. Kian is at the point where there's always enough food in our meals that we just share with him, he doesn't need his own meal yet. And I am not ready to pay for a kid's meal yet. They're always unhealthy choices and not cheap. He has a fascination with dipping now though. He shared a steak sandwich wit peppers and onions on it, with me and insisted on dipping it in Kevin's ketchup, my salad dressing, the au jus that came with it, etc. He didn't care what, he just wanted to dip it. He also loves putting the straws in the cups. And he doesn't care that Kevin always gives him the straw paper. He thinks that is a straw too, and insists on putting that straw wrapper in one of our cups. So, we let him, then when he's not looking, throw it away. We always get compliments on how well-behaved he is, how cute he is, how he's so quiet, etc. when we are out. Kian rarely gets loud or obnoxious, especially when there's food around. We've always been able to take him out to restaurants, which is nice.

I really have no idea what we did on Thursday. Hmm... This seems to be the day I always forget. Mostly because Mondays stick out, then Fridays are what I look forward to and so they remain imprinted in my memory.

Friday Kevin had company, they played poker and then I joined in for some euchre. It's been a long time since I've played euchre! It was Casey's last day in NY for awhile, as he headed back to NC to start the school year. We went to bed way to late.

Saturday I met Patrick and Savannah in Henrietta and while their Blazer was being worked on, we had breakfast at IHOP, Kian loved it. Then we made the rounds to all the stores in Henrietta, 2 furniture stores, Gander Mt., Target, etc. I only made one purchase at Target, and it was for Kevin. Then I convinced them to help me shop at the Henrietta Wegmans before dropping them back off to Cortese. However, I couldn't quite convince them that we needed to shop at the brand-new, amazingly huge Wegmans on Calkins, so I settled for the tiny one on Hylan Drive. But, it was that store's 25 anniversary and they were giving away free pieces of cake among other samples. And I am all about free food!
After leaving the house at 8:30 that morning, we finally returned at 3:15, I put groceries away and got Kian to finally nap around 4. All this time Kevin was helping his friend move into their new house. He called me around 6, when Kian was just waking up, and we went over to check out the house. So, at last, about 7:30 we returned home and ate dinner. Talk about a long day.

Today, Sunday, I am all about the "day of rest". No company, no trips, no outings, no nothing. Just sitting around, doing absolutely nothing. Kian has already been down for a nap for over an hour. I tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening, thanks to cats running through the house and jumping on my bed and me, repeatedly. But, I am going to upload some pictures and video, then I will be reading the paper on my deck, in the sunny, but cool weather. And doing ... absolutely ... nothing!

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