Camping again

So, last minute we decided to take off this past weekend and meet my parents at Alleghany State park. They had a cabin there for the week (a nice big one) and since we aren't really doing any 'vacations' this year we wanted to get away again quick.
Kian of course only slept a half hour of the 2 hour trip down, but didn't get cranky until we were just outside the park. He was very intrigued by looking out the windows and seeing everything, trees, cows, trucks (he likes pointing out trucks and other loud vehicles).

There were animals all over the park all weekend, we heard a lot on Friday night and saw them in the morning. When we woke up Saturday-meaning Kian and I, at 6:30-for some unknown reason he woke up and wouldn't sleep, possibly because it wasn't his room and he could see Kevin and I sleeping in there. And Kian isn't exactly quiet in the morning, he's not cranky, he's extremely happy, but noisy and talks up a storm. I took him down to the bathroom hoping to keep the rest of the campground sleeping. It was so foggy that morning and I wish I had taken pictures of that. (I am doing double photo ops all the time with the digital and then the Nikon film, so I only get a few on here) There were also several deer about 50-100 yards from us, not afraid at all, just eating away.

After breakfast Kian went for a nap and Kevin and I got away to play some tennis and walk down to the beach area. Of course after that Kevin and Kian were ready for lunch. Then we took the kayaks out on the lake and just laid around on the beach. The water wasn't that warm and it was windy so it wasn't exactly good for swimming. Kenny and Kevin decided water football was better:

Here's Kian trying to walk in the deep sand:

Then deciding that crawling is better:

Kevin and I took the kayaks around the lake for a bit. We put Kian's life jacket on him and tried to take him out, but he was tired and not having it. But, he decided that sitting in 3 inches of water and playing with the paddles was fun:

Saturday night we had a nice fire, marshmallows, smores, the works. After the kids went to bed Kevin, my mom and I had some wine around the fire. Who brings wine to a camping trip? My mom apparently, and waited til we got there to drink some. It was nice and quiet and relaxing.

While we packed up Sunday, the kids drew on the cement "porch" of the cabin. So glad I thought to bring the chalk, they loved it:


Rosie : ) said...

It seems that it was a good family outting. :) Fresh air and nature's beauty is so nice to see once in a while, isn't it?

The kids love camping in our family too. The water is fun, the sun is warm, the wind is perfect and the flowers are abundant. I miss living in the country so much, but at least we can go camping to relax a bit.

Anonymous said...

Camping is a horrible vacation. Go to a real beach, a condo.

Allisan said...

Looks like a fun time!! I love camping!