photo confessions 2

After I scheduled the last 3 posts, because we were going away for the weekend (more on that later, along with 23235 other things) I didn't really look at how the pictures looked (on my photo confession blog) posted on there, where I was trying to point out subtle differences. (And that is the longest run-on weird sentence ever).

Trust me, in real life, in my hands, the pictures look different. But, forgetting that once I scanned the film printed photo onto my scanner and into my computer it becomes a digital picture...yeah how's that working for me? So, on the blog, it appears that there are not really any differences between the pictures. But, there is. Honest. I just prefer the film finished pictures over digitally taken, ink printed photos. I wonder how long that ink will last anyway? Will it fade quicker than chemically developed film pictures? Things one never knows...

Now, I must go yell at that darn diving girl who is taking way way way too long on the diving board. And I love listening to the announcer say Guo Jingjing.

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