photography confessions...

I am still pretty smitten with film. *gasp* Yes, film. I adore my Nikon "regular" film camera. I know film. I've known film all my life. I've only had a digital camera for a year and a half.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that I can take a picture and 2 minutes later send it half way around the world. But, digital pictures, when printed just seem to be lacking. In what? I am not sure. I always "fix" my digital pictures before printing them (or even better sending them to be printed at wegmans so I can pick them up while I shop and not waste my ink or paper!) and I fix the red eyes, sharpen, adjust the tints, etc. in my prehistoric Microsoft Picture It! program. (Because my husband makes me pay my mortgage instead of getting fancy and, in his mind, unnecessary, photo programs.) But, there's just something 'flat' about them. For some reason, film pictures seem more alive and have more depth. I can be swayed, if you provide substantial proof.Now, I know that I only have a point and shoot digital Kodak camera. But, I've learned the settings and switch it up (sports or children setting is best for pictures of Kian!). I've learned to adjust the light filters, exposure length, etc. and so on. If I had this fancy Nikon digital SLR I might be having an immediate mind change. However, Kian's professional portraits were taken on an professional Nikon and printed digitally and you can just tell. I can always pick out a digital print over a film print. Somethings just...something about it.

When using the Nikon film camera I tend to take way less pictures, and capture better pictures. There is no delay with the Nikon film, as there is with my Kodak digital, so I get exactly what I am trying to capture. With this point and shoot digital I take 80 pictures and only about 3 are great, 10 are good, 15 are okay.

The other day I took a roll with my Nikon and about 25 with the Kodak digital. Only 3 were 'bad' on the entire roll, where as only 3 were 'good' on my digital. Here's a test, you tell me which ones are digital and which are film:





answer key? 1. digital 2. film 3. film and 4. digital.

Okay, the flag wasn't the best, I took that while Kevin was driving at least 70 on the Parkway (what is a parkway you ask? the expressway that runs along Ontario Lake good sir), and it is stuck in my car vent with the wind blowing. But, I'm a secret film lover still. More to come on this Vintage sailor suit photo op. Ooh oh and Please notice the aperature changes in #2, I know how to do that on my film camera! PPS--my weathered fence makes a great photo prop/backdrop! That is all.


american mum said...

See, to me, I don't really see a difference. I think if you have enough megapixels, the quality is the same. But I know some photographers won't be swayed. To me, the digital wins hands down. :) And cute pictures!

Rosie : ) said...

I just talked about my love for film not that ong ago, too. :)

I have to admit to loving my Film Nikon, and being completly pro-film, especially when you start proping different lenses to capture better/different angles.

I also have to admit that hubby brought home a D80 "to try", and it took pretty nice pictures {the colour was weird, thoug}. I *almost* wanted to keep it. But, I think if I'm going to start digital I will go with the Nikon D300 {I know, don't get started on the price. :( }

Hubby is still reticent because he keeps asking me :"If we buy a digital, will you actualy print the pictures?"

Short answer, I worry that the digital pic won't last. Colours will fade, ink will run, paper will go pffffft, I will lose the file, the program will not recognize the format... {yup, that was the short answer ~ you should see my complete thoughts on}

Really nice pics, btw. :)