The Lugia's Dance

Lugias. Ahh, just say the name and I start to drool. A small, local ice cream shop, (Is it considered a shop Jon?) with huge- massively huge, ice cream cones. Seriously, I usually order the baby size and that fills me up. The small, isn't. The large, is probably a 1/2 gallon, like empty that box right into the cone. It's crazy. And the flavors are so incredibly diverse and random: soft black raspberry, soft black raspberry/vanilla twist, strawberry cheesecake, yellow cake mix, blueberry buckle, and on and on it goes.

Where was this post headed? Oh yeah. So, when Casey was up from NC (he's a Rochester native anywho) we headed to Lugia's for some long anticipated ice cream. Kian decided he needed to do some dancing on the table:

(pictures taken by Paul, edited by me, of course)

I played with this one a lot, sharpened Kian, blurred the background, converted to B&W but then adjusted the contrast brightness. I rather like how it came out:

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