A summer day in pictures

The first two almost made it into yesterdays "WWWaT" contest. But, I didn't feel the need for everyone to see that we hadn't gotten the weedwacker close to the hot tub lately. Or that the stones need to be weeded too! EEk. So, here I am showing them now, because that makes sense.

Here's baby boy standing up, no hands in the middle of the grass

This was just a cool perspective

He loves making this face lately. Sometimes he even snorts while he does it-hilarious!

Pre-bedtime swing on the hammock, being smooshed by mommy

I have an abundance of tomatoes in my garden and while I picked them and laid them on the deck he climbed up and was rolling and throwing them off. Thanks buddy.

He gets a kick out of sticking his fingers in my 'holey' shoes. Nope, not Crocs, I'm way to cheap for that. So, not a brand name snob.

Eating a tomato like an apple, that's my boy!

And that, was our Sunday afternoon and evening...


Allisan said...

cute pics

TulipGirl said...

Such a sweet boy! Don't you love this age?