15 Month Check up

I cut out early from work to bring Kian to his well child check up. A nice break from all the craziness and paperwork and phone calls. But you don't care about that (maybe not even this post or this blog, but oh well). So, on with the stats.

Weight: 23lbs 13oz. This is up from 20lbs at 12 months, putting him back into the 40th percentile-as opposed to the 13th where he was hanging out for awhile. So they are pleased with that. Me, I say whatever, as long as he eats healthy, develops properly, he can be thin or whatever his body type may be.

Height: 31 inches. He grew 2 inches in 3 months, again up around the 50th percentile. Really, though, do I care he's taller than 50% of kids his age, and shorter than about 50% of them? But, I am glad he's grown because it didn't seem he got much taller. He can still wear 12 month jeans and they are just starting to be a tiny bit short, but not much yet.

*I have to take him back for another iron/blood test to see if he's still borderline anemic or not. I gave him some iron drops for awhile but when they ran out I went to vitamin/iron drops then just upped his meat and iron-rich food intake.

*They seemed surprised with his vocabulary and language skills. I felt like they almost didn't believe me when I told them he had about 30 words. Of course they're not all intelligible to unfamiliar people, but Kevin and I can understand them.

*I was annoyed with the doctor because he always makes a point to tell me that they can start his vaccines whenever I am ready. I told them I will let them know if/when I am ready to vaccinate him. I told him straight up that I am not comfortable with ingredients in the vaccines. He says "well, we are comfortable with what's in them and comfortable giving them." I'm thinking 'that's great because you don't have children yet and of course some of your paycheck comes from pharmaceutical companies'. I'm not on the Autism bandwagon, I am on the "not putting mouse tissue, aborted fetal tissue and cow vesicle tissue in my child" bandwagon. Oh well.

*Here's a confession: I always make sure I look good when I go to the pediatrician's office; more so there than at my own doctor. I also make sure Kian is dressed cute and clean, etc. It might be wacky, but I know, and I feel like, they are judging me as a parent-because they are- (especially bypassing on the vaccines) and so I need to present this amazing, clean, good-looking, smart, educated family and parental unit 'front'. Weird huh? Please tell me you do that too.

*My only concern going in there was that Kian's ankles turn in slightly. I know he's a new walker and that might have something to do with it. But, working in EI with all kinds of kids with all kinds of delays, I see a lot of kids with AFO's (ankle foot orthotics-aka-braces) for various reasons, some being misaligned feet/ankles, etc. So I had the ped look at them. He said that Kian does have a bit of a flat foot and it does turn in slightly (roll to the inside). Told me to get him a good pair of sneakers with an arch support and we'll watch it but at this time isn't anything bad. We'll watch it and check at his 18 month visit.

*Other than that...I'll stop boring you with my mundane life details =)


Allisan said...

I would like some of your advise and knowledge on the whole vaccine issue. Which ones are bad and which ones did you have given to Kian? I too believe this is what is causing the whole Autism thing. Please help me understand it all better!!

TulipGirl said...

I most -definitely- dress myself and my kids for the doctor / pediatrician. And when I had 2 then 3 then 4 right in a row, ANY time I went out of the house with all of them I took extra effort. I looked young (heck, I was young!) and didn't want to be misjudged or worse.

Now that they are older, I'm older. . . They are pretty self-sufficient in public and polite. . . I don't mind if they aren't spit-shined when we go out. *grin* Much easier, especially since I tend towards the disorganized side. . . *L*