Toronto Trip Pics - phase I

We left Thursday after lunch for the Yankees vs. Bluejays game that night-a birthday/anniversary present. After the game we stayed in a new hotel room and walked around the city for a bit on Friday before making our way to Niagara Falls again, then home.

I get bored very easily in the car, so I took a ton of random pictures while Kevin was driving. On our way into Toronto, we crossed this bridge, around Niagara Falls I believe. It freaked me out. It was very high.

And here is looking down from that very high bridge:

We got stuck in the wrong lane about 30 minutes outside of Toronto and ended up going west. We needed to go east. So, of course the next exit was a construction site and blocked off, forcing us to go farther west out of our way, before going back east again. We hit Toronto at rush hour because of this-and this picture doesn't do it justice. It was packed!

Here is what greeted us upon entering the city:

That purple monkey and some funky buildings. We don't see too many tall buildings in Rochester or Spencerport! Us silly Americans.

Rogers Centre (or the Skydome) was awesome. It was a new, clean stadium and the people were so friendly. They even sympathized with us when our team did poorly. It was completely different from the Bills games I've been too with beer thrown all over me. It was extremely enjoyable. When the game started, the sun was began to set. This is when I wished I had brought the Nikon, and/or had an awesome camera. The view was great!

Here is my attempt at creating a panoramic shot of the stadium. Don't hate me for not having awesome cameras and Photoshop. I've given up trying to keep up with the Joneses and Smiths and whoever else...

Tomorrow I'll actually show you the game pictures! =)


Anonymous said...

It's not a new stadium.

Wendee said...

That panoramic picture looks pretty neat!

btw: I think your camera takes GREAT pictures! I to have a wish to someday own one of those fabulously expensive camera's with all the neat do-dad's. someday....