I knew that having a toddler (is he really, already?) would mean that the word "no" would come along soon. And I know it will be used with much more force, meaning and drama in the days to come. But, I just didn't expect it to happen already!
Last Sunday Kian began imitating us when I had to tell him "no". I try not to use that word much, but he was trying to get into the toilet. Fortunately, he hasn't used it to tell us "no" yet. He does understand exactly what it means and told Ace "no, no" with finger pointing and all when Ace tried to sneak out the door.
I tried to get Kian to say words for me on video, but it wasn't easy. So, here's some snippets of it. He's added water, flower, and meow over the weekend. And more I'm sure that I just don't remember.


Rosie : ) said...

Very cute! I was watching it this morning with my toddler sitting on me, and he was trying to repeat what your boy was saying! Now he keeps yelling "Quack!", even though in French that's not what ducks say. ;)

emily rockcastle said...

nice multi-tasking with the babe in one hand and camera in the other! what a bright little boy krysten... and oh so adorable! good work mama and papa!