So, Kian had his first day at Pearce Child care yesterday. It went okay. He had played fine there the few times we went to visit. But, somehow he knew today I was actually leaving him there. He didn't want me to put him down from the very first step in the door. He was nervous, but we got him interested in some toys. The teachers actually helped me help him adjust and move into some playtime and feel okay. He did cry a bit when I left. That made me feel horrible. It made me feel like I should just run back in there and drive him back to the previous daycare where he knows the kids and teachers and routines. Like, why am I making him do this all over again?

But, I know in the end it will be better. There's more security, stability, calm, happiness here. I am happy with a much more secure system- coded, locked doors, sign in/out with a receptionist not just with the teacher in the room, and she gives you a little card to prove the child's been signed in and out and you present that to the teacher when picking up the child. Sure it takes a few more seconds but I think it's worth it. That card tells the teacher that person has been identified as an authorized person to take this child. That's a plus. Teachers that have been there at least a year, most of them at least three years-yay for stability and consistency!

I do feel a little bad, that I can't quite explain this to him yet, the change. I can tell him until I'm blue in the face that "this is your new school, new friends, new teachers" etc. But, he obviously isn't able to grasp that yet and why he's not at the other place where he was comfortable most of the time. Yes, children are resilient and bounce back easily. But I still feel a bit guilty taking him from the kids and routines he knows. And I remind myself that there was constant change there, a lot I didn't like and that is why we did make this move.

I know this will be a great experience for Kian. The one thing I noticed that I am kind of bummed about, is that there isn't much diversity in this center. It is through a church, and a little more costly, but I had thought there would be more diversity. At the previous center Kian had a mix of white, black, Hispanic kids and teachers. At Pearce I've only seen white. I'm sure there's a few non-white kids but I haven't seen them yet. I know Pearce is mostly a white, middle-upper class church, but I had hoped... I liked that Kian was exposed to all colors, races, and variety of kids, parents and teachers at the previous daycare.

And while I'm comparing... I didn't pay attention or understand this at first, but they do not serve breakfast. They have dry cereal available while the children arrive and then have a snack (crackers) at 9:30. The afternoon snack is also a cracker type snack. Blah. So, I either have to feed him breakfast in the morning at home or bring something substantial for him to eat. They also do not put them down for a nap until 12:30. Which means Kian won't fall asleep until closer to 1. This is okay for them, but bad for me! He still takes 2 naps on the weekends, which is a pain, but I am thankful for. The boy needs lots of sleep. So by 12:30 he would have taken one nap at home already, but will be extremely exhausted at daycare. At the previous center they had them going to bed at noon and that worked out a bit better. He is the youngest in this class right now too.

My poor baby was a hot mess last night, crying over everything and just wanting to be held. I know he'll be fine after this week of adjusting to all the new things, people and environment. But, I still can't help feeling a bit bad, and this is an adjustment for me also...


Anonymous said...

Soon he'll learn that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.

Rosie : ) said...

Poor baby. So much to take in on that day. Mom cuddles is the perfect rememdy. :)