This picture doesn't do the gash, and the huge lump, on Kian's head justice. Once again, my child has bashed, gashed, split, and bled. It happened at daycare. According to Kevin, according to the teacher (like I don't feel guilty enough I didn't get there first!) Kian got up from the snack table and ran and tripped on the only corner in the entire room. Straight on, right onto his forehead. His nose seems to have bled a bit and his lip is swollen and bled a bit also, I think. Kevin said the teacher's pants were covered in blood, as were Kian's clothes. Wonderful, isn't it?

I called the pediatrician, whose office was closed. I called the after hours number, which gave me the on-call doctor's number. I called that, but it was the on-call doctor's answering service. I was then given a 4th number to call that doctor directly. I just wanted to know if I should bring him to the ER for stitches or what. She had us come to her office, in Henrietta, after dinner, and she glued him up. Which, I think is best, because that means no worrying about stitches being tugged on, having to be snipped off, we didn't have to endure any numbing needles or screaming while being stitched. Plus, this should leave the smallest scar possible. So, we didn't even get home until after 8 o'clock tonight. Whew!

I don't quite understand how this kid can be so accident prone. Granted, he seems a little impulsive like his father. I do worry about his feet, very flat, and his ankles turn in some. The ped told me not to worry about it yet, but I can't help wondering if this is why he falls so much. I know that he's only been walking for just under 3 months and that's not much, but still...

Hopefully it heals nicely and doesn't leave any scars! Say a little prayer for my poor baby! I still have to bring him to daycare tomorrow as I have a surprise, mandatory, intense staff meeting where we will find out some information that is being kept secret about staff, etc. Oh the joys of drama filled days! Here's praying the weekend is quiet and calm!


american mum said...

Poor guy. been there, done that, times 3. I think it's called being the mom of a BOY!

Rosie : ) said...

Aww, poor thing. You don't need to pray for no scars...scars add character! My two older boys already have two little scars aroudn their forehead areas from bad bumps and falls. Our oldest foudn the only real corner in our living room and flew face-firt into it. Our second son ran across the livving room, slid and bashed his head against the couch leg, right between the eyes.

Everybody healed well, but they have faint scars. Did you ever notice them in pictures? Probably not. :)

As for his feet thing, I do believe that flat-feet are normal up to a certain age, but it's good that you keep an eye out for it. My best friend's kids ( 2 out of 3 of them) have very flat feet and needed to wear orthopedic inserts in their shoes.

Mom, I know it's probably your first bad booboo, but he's a boy, there will be more, I'm sure! :)

Allisan said...

Aww I will say a little prayer for Kian. Poor little guy. I can't imagine how scared you must have been once you found out the news. I hope he heals fast!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the flat feet---all babys are born with them---they develop later.
As for being accident prone---HE'S A Boy!! They're all accident prone. My mom used to call these things "Little Bumps of Knowledge"
As for not being the first one there--Dads need to get in on these things. They all survive in spite of us.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor baby! I'm sorry, Krysten.