A lil Sunday football

Kian and I went to Kenny's (pee wee? junior?) football game today. It was in Honeoye Falls, which I thought would be closer than going all the way to Whitman. Guess what? It was only about 15 minutes closer believe it or not. Kenny's team won-24-6 or something, I don't remember! He's a speedy little thing when they let him play. Kiara was cheering, but she was the third game in the lineup and we (Kian and I) weren't up for braving the cold for 3 more hours, plus he needed a nap.

Here's Kian sporting his cool new Old Navy gear. (Can we say sales?! 'Cause you all know I wouldn't be paying full price just for his clothes to say Old Navy.)

And with his little pumpkins on our steps. Does he look like his mama, like a McKnight, here or what?

The bleachers were tons of fun, they made lots of noise and were great table/chair combo for little bodies.

Kian and Gramps, watching the game, having a snuggle.

Kenny, focusing on the coach after his game.

Chain link fences are great entertainment as well as interesting backdrops.

Kian very intrigued with Kenny's gear.

And trying on the Wildcat helmet. Someday? Maybe, as long as it's not track I have to sit through, I'm up for any sport he wants to play.

Tough boy.

What IS that thing in your mouth?

Then we came home to roast chicken and squash and have hot chocolate and naps with daddy, followed by lots more football. Yeah, that's an overload of football this weekend.

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American Mum said...

That outfit is adorable!