Saturday Morning Post

We've had a rather eventful and unusual week. Monday I took Columbus day off, we don't get that off from work, so I used some vacation time. Kian and I spent the day apple picking with my mom, Kiara and Kenny. Unfortunately, my digital was in Kevin's Blazer so I had to use the Nikon film camera. Which takes great pictures, especially of faces and I do love it. But, it will just be a few days before the pictures come back-but I love that Kodak will put them on a CD for you too. Then I can post them quickly when I get them.

Here's Kian calling for the naughty cats who escaped the house.

Smelling mama's flowers

Not that thrilled I put him in the huge mum plant

And making a huge mess while I made dinner, but he helped clean up.

Driving dada's car

Wednesday, I again took the day off to spend time with friends. Steph and Anna and I were "suite mates" then we were in the same townhouse for a while our senior year at Roberts. Jessica ditched us and didn't see us as planned, but we still had fun...until Cooper got sick all over Anna.

Connor and Kian playing on the wood stove and hearth.

Connor, pre-vomit. =)

Before the final goodbyes we got a few shots of Tristan and Kian, they were the easiest to plunk down and make stay still. Tristan is 8 months, Kian is 15.5, but they're about the same size! Too funny.

After our friends left, we met Kevin at Black Creek for some fishing and running around.

Black Creek in Churchville
The colors were just amazing.

Thursday and Friday were more work days. Catching up from my days off, phone calls to return, paperwork to complete, the usual. Kevin had/has workshop/trainings this weekend, so it will be me and Kian alone mostly. We will probably head to the Zoo for the Halloween festivities...if this possible fever doesn't come to fruition. Of course there are always plenty of leaves to rake...


Anonymous said...

haah house marm old bag.

Rosie : ) said...

Sounds like you had a good week. :)

I love the pictures with the two boys... it always makes me laugh when the kids do things liek that. :)