I thought I'd blog something spectacular today, but then I got tired. But, then I typed for 7 straight hours at work, catching up on my September progress notes and records. Yes, I am painfully aware it is October 6th already. Yes, I realize my September records are late. Oh. Well.

But, then I realized, trying to keep up with the big dog blogs is never going to happen. I realized it's kind of dumb to have "blog envy" and feel bad when I don't write amazing blogs. When I don't have incredible stories to tell or pictures to share. When I don't use big, intelligent words and fancy graphics. So, I decided to just be happy with my random little blog, with pictures of my happy but random little family and self. And so i share that with the rest of my random family scattered about the country. And decided that, in the words of PW, I'm keepin' it real. And to be honest, I don't have the time, energy or ambition to have such a fan-stinkin-tastic blog that I need to outdo myself daily and meet high expectations from the blogland fan readers. Yeah, I'm happy with my little blog.

I don't have glamorous clothes, I don't have fancy cars-heck I drive a minivan (there, I finally admitted it!) and it's dirty! I have a house, it's nothing special, but it's mine. I know this because of the hefty mortgage bill I pay each month. And I realize because of that mortgage bill I cannot afford a fancy Nikon SLR camera, photoshop, my Pontiac G6, brand name clothes for me or my child, fancy jewelery, getting my nails done, trips around the world, a romantic cruise with my husband, I have to work right now and my child is in daycare, whatever the case may be. And, I am okay with that. It doesn't mean that I don't sometimes wish I had one or all of those things (who doesn't?--but I don't have credit card debt, so that's cool!).

But, in the scheme of things, in the grand picture of life, I love my life. I like where it's going. I'm not sure where it's going but it feels good. I've got my wonderful boys, my family, my wild cats, my JCPenney's sales rack clothes, my dusty minivan and my draining job with a crazy boss, oh and Jon, (*snort*), who could ask for anything more?

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Rosie : ) said...

I love your "little" blog. It makes me smile to see such a happy family doing regular stuff. Some days with my brood I wonder what "regular" is anymore! {lol} Bah, who needs the fancy schmancy house and car? It juts makes your debts pile up, right? A loving family is what counts, and you seem to have plenty of it. ;)