Playtime with daddy and cats

I know that you all (cuz there's so many of you reading) would rather see pictures of my cute boy instead of reading my random without further ado:

*this was before bed the only reason for the pacifier!


Rosie : ) said...

I can almost hear his giggles. :)

As for the pacifier, don't worry, I had one of those children too. She loved it. I instructed her to take it out whenever she tried to talk around it though. ;)

Wendee said...

The first picture is *adorable*
Well, they are all adorable, you have a very cute little man, but I love his giggle-face in the first one!

One of my children LOVED her sucky. She HAD to have it at bedtime. One of my others......he just kept biting nipple part off. Bottles to. And laughing. Much like that picture! lol