Toronto Trip Pics-phase IV

After leaving Toronto we headed to Niagara Falls. On the way over the river we saw this monstrosity, it appeared to be some kind of coal-burning, energy...thing? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Kevin drove. I? I got hungry, so I ate some trail mix. then, I got bored. So...I did this:


Funky face

Bunny? Reindeer? Then this happened:

And this is how I looked after that happened:

This is me annoying Kevin while driving:

So, then I created a few more things-Christmas tree

Duck, swan, goose?

Driving over the falls:
(I always am afraid those people are going to all walk/jump/fall off that lookout! Like lemmings, oop over they go. It is tilting a bit, see? Okay back to the more normal un-normalcy.)

Then we stopped at Seneca Niagara Casino:

We played poker for a bit, I lost, Kevin kept playing. So, I decided to take a walk down to the falls. This is the street up to the casino "Old Falls Road".

Ahh, peace.

This feisty little guy wanted to fight me. I said no, thanks and kept walking. But, only after naming him Adrian.

For some reason I accidentally made these picture small.

Finally, this is more of me entertaining myself in the car on the ride home:

Last, but not least, Jessica's favorite face, she's terrified of it: THE PLATYPUS

This (finally) concludes my Toronto pictures. I know you are all ever so glad! Until next time..

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Rosie : ) said...

Very nice pictures. :)

The Falls are so gorgeous aren't they? I've only been during the winter, but they were pretty amazing.

Very cute food animals!