Toronto Trip Pics-phase III

Toronto at night.
Now, I only brought my little digital camera. I would have liked to bring the Nikon, but didn't want to look that touristy. So, these pictures aren't that great. But it was cool to see the city at night, after the game. We walked to the stadium and back, about a mile each way. Good exercise too right?

So here's the CN tower, it changed colors every so many seconds.

I tried using regular shoot and then the night portrait setting. Apparently, while using the night portrait setting you must be stiller than roadkill to get a good shot. I, obviously breathed during this shot of the stadium.

City lights.

I think this was without the night portrait setting, just on 'auto'. It came out better.

And Kevin, enjoying our king size bed!

The next morning we took a walk to Eaton Centre. But, first, just outside our hotel was this, yep, right in the heart of Chinatown:

So many signs!

Leaving Toronto, on the side of the highway, there were at least 6 of these "signs". I'm not sure what to call them. They were well-manicured, landscaped "garden advertising". The white area was small rocks, formed with landscape edging, then the rest filled in with green plants and grass.

I know you're all waiting with baited breath for my next installment... coming up we have our stop in Niagara Falls, at the Seneca Niagara Casino, and "what happens when Krysten is bored in the car". Excited aren't you?

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Rosie : ) said...

Toronto is a beautiful city. :) There are so many hiudden areas, only known to those who live there, or have family and friends there. There are quite a few old "castles" in the city, and many lush landscapes, not just city buildings! :) Although, the buildings are really high, which is neat, and teh CN tower is amazing to see too.

I'm happy you had fun there, visiting our part of North AMerica. :)