A day off! Thanks to the Veterans

First, I want to start by saying Thank You! to all the veterans, past and present, and to the current servicemen. The commitment, the loyalty, the sacrifice and pride they have and exhibit are amazing. Thank you!

Also, thanks to them, CFC finally decided we should also have Veteran's Day off to commemorate. It was nice, I needed a day away from the office. Even though I did bring home paperwork and was "working" for awhile, it was nice to just not be in that environment for a day. Kian and I woke up late--8:03 late. It was great. We had a leisurely breakfast and then went to Kmart for some Christmas shopping. Great deals! $4 khaki dress pants for Kian! The only miserable part of the trip was that I put my 20% off coupon on the little credit card machine ledge and the cashier never saw it and put my card through without the discount. She couldn't do it after, so I took it to the service desk. They can't just give me the money back, they had to return all my items, then re-ring them up again, with the coupon as the first item. Ugh! Talk about taking forever and being a pain in the butt! But, it was worth it, I saved $20!

After our long shopping trip, which was supposed to be short, we came home for lunch and a nap. Kian has a cold and has been cranky the last few days and not sleeping well. He went right down for his nap, but bedtimes have been long and clingy lately. This is when I did my work. It is cold, but wasn't bad when the sun was out this afternoon and I thought Kian might enjoy the fresh air. I also thought this would be the ideal time to blow and vacuum the leaves up in the yard. He did not think so. He hates it, it's loud and he screams. He also screams because Dada used it first, therefore he thinks it's dada's and no one can touch anything of dada's lately. Ugh. So, I had to hold him on one side and this loud, heavy blower on the other side. My arms are dead tonight! I finally gave up and we just came inside and read lots of books under a blanky. It was great. I needed a day like today. Tomorrow it's back to the annoying grind stone, but it's only 3 more days until the weekend!

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