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Well, I made it to Sunday. It's looking to be a gloomy, dreary, wet, leafy Sunday. But, that's okay, because those days are best for staying in with a good book, a good movie, some warm drinks and family. And that is exactly what I plan to do--after a trip to Wegmans, of course.

After the week I've had, I am wanting nothing more than to curl up in my house with Kevin and Kian and do absolutely nothing. Hearing news about my former client passing away at age 4, knowing my favorite dog Lucy is now gone, having to go through the drama at work, being called to Human Resources about ridiculousness (is that even a word?) along with all the other day to day stuff, just made for one heck of a week. Reading my blog seems like a roller coaster right? Well, that's how work is, up one week, down the next; easy one month, hard as all get out the next. And, unfortunately, I have been allowing my work to "come home with me" so to speak, and affect the rest of my life. But, I'm realizing lately how bad that is to do, and I won't be doing it anymore. Or, I"ll try at least.

This week is promising to be much better than the previous week. I have Tuesday off for Veteran's day--which is new for CFC, surprisingly. I could have taken the long weekend and had Monday off too, but I need to get some things done at work, so that's okay. And knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner gives me something to look forward too. It helps me focus better at work and get things done much quicker.

OK, let me just interject something dismal here--my monitor is right next to the window that faces our backyard. There is a huge tree right out near the window. It's leaves have not dropped yet, and as I sit here and type, they are falling like rain, like snow, a constant shower of huge yellow leaves. Huge, yellow, wet leaves. That will be fun to rake up later. Funny though, the wind is blowing them into the neighbor's yard. hehe. If that is my only "bad" thing about today and this week, then I am one happy woman.

One cool thing about this past week is that Kian has begun putting words together. He is saying little 2 word sentences. Phrases like "dada fishing" or "dada work" (he's obsessed with daddy and men lately) "my ball" or "more___" are just a few he's come up with, and there's so many more he's trying to say but the more words he says the less intelligible it is. He's so fun right now and so silly and loves to make us laugh and we are really enjoying him. This also means he's trying to figure out everything, learn how to do a million things, climbing on chairs to reach things, and making me a wreck trying to keep his head from splitting open again. The most recent gash is healing nicely, the scab of glue fell off and looks okay. But, we don't want anymore!

I am looking forward to starting Christmas shopping. I've begun making lists and planning which stores I need to go to. Too bad we won't be able to spend as much as in previous years, but I think family understands that, but I'd like to do more. So, even though it might be smaller, it will be very fun this year, as Kian really will be into it.

Today also calls for some baking. That damp coldness outside needs some cookies and muffins baked right out of it! That will be a great start to my great week.

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Rosie : ) said...

Good to knwo you are starting your week with a positive attitude. Daily happenings can get you to overlook all your good stuff sometimes, doesn't it? :)