In which my son learns for the first time that I am an idiot...

Or: Duh mom!

The poor kid was telling me he saw a plane in the sky and for 35 seconds I talked about cats and whatnot until I finally! understood what he was saying. You can tell in his little face he clearly was saying "stupid mama, listen, I'm saying plane". At the end he's just glad it's all over.
(This is from a month ago, I believe 10/17. He talks so much better, even just one month later. He's saying 2/3 word little phrases now! I'll get those on video soon!)



Arnold said...

hehe. I heard the plane.

emily rockcastle said...

too freakin cute krysten! what a great lil talker...i have a friend with a 17mth old and literally no words except-"dada" for everything... he is absoluetly scrumptious! keep up the good work... ps-ever heard of or do you use arnica? its great for bumps and bruises etc. it can be found in a cream and in the high concentration pellets. thought id mention it since youve got a lil warrioir on your hands! hope youre great today!