Glued: the follow up

So it's been about 3 weeks since Kian bashed his forehead open at daycare. The glue formed a nice "scab" over the wound and stayed on for 2 weeks-even though the claim was 5-10 days. It peeled off on it's own. I can proudly say I did not pick at it. Okay, I picked at the glue that was all over his forehead, but not on the would itself. (The doctor poured the glue over his entire forehead, when the directions said, clearly, to only apply to the open seams of the wound.)

It was very pink and raw the first couple days after the glue fell off. I put Neosporin on for a couple days and then bought Maderma for Kids. Which if I had known that it was made from water and onion bulb extract, I probably wouldn't have paid $20 for it! It is doing pretty well and he's never touched it or picked at it. He did, however, try to climb in the tub tonight and hit his head on the corner of the tub wall. No blood, just a small lump and bruise. When will it end?

Here's my little man after church Sunday, all tired out and handsome:

See my awesome Partylite Christmas tree candle holders?

And here's a close up of his healing battle scar:

Could he be any cuter? Biased? Sure. But, look at those eyes!

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Anonymous said...

be prepared for lots of bumps---HE'S A BOY!!