He's HERE!

He's arrived, even if a little late! He came in the middle of the night. Quietly at first, with barely a sound, and with ease-we barely noticed he was here at last. I stayed up late to see if it would be the night he finally made his entrance. I took a peek just before I finally went to bed. But, it wasn't quite time yet. I'd have to wait until morning to see the long-awaited, newly arrived...

Old Man Winter!

A few flakes by bed, nothing to look at. By morning we had a dusting. That was all. But, Kian was thrilled with "no". So, before we climbed into the car to daycare he had to run around in it a bit.

Pointing at the snowflakes and the 'no'.

After I dropped Kian off at daycare, I drove into a little mini blizzard near the expressway in Gates. What's that you say? I shouldn't take pictures while driving? Well, I was driving about 10 mph if that makes a difference. Suddenly, the roads were covered and so was my windshield!

There was some off and on snow falls? snow showers? throughout the day. We are up to a grand total of about 2 inches. Not the 6-10 they predicted. Although I hear good ol' Canandaigua has a lot more, and of course the lake shores. We had to have a quick jaunt in it again before going in for dinner. If you look carefully to the right of Kian's elbow are some deer legs. There were 3 deer in the neighbor's yard just munching away, not bothered by us at all. Until Kian caught sight of them and ran at them. Even then, they just eyed him and moved slightly and continued eating.

Welcome back Old Man Winter. Welcome to Rochester, home of the terrible, first-snow drivers and 100 accidents a day from November through March. You're welcome to stay until January, but listen Mr. Blizzard, I can't keep you hanging around too long this year, don't' get too comfy!

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I don't see any Christmas lights on that house.