A work post

This is the first time I've posted from work. The site used to be blocked, but it's not now, for some reason. I just Twittered that I feel my ears turning into telephone receivers and my fingers turning into pens. It's a disturbing thought, but one that would make my job so much easier. Imagine that. Clearly, this job is getting to me today.

I only have 3 more work days left before Thanksgiving break and the end of the month. The end of the month for us, is stressful as we have lots of records to turn in to be reviewed by the supervisors. All our notes have to be typed in the database and our billing for the program updated. Not to mention the day-to-day work, the phone calls, the urgent requests from parents and providers. That doesn't slow down ever. So, being that I have Friday, Monday and Tuesday to get a lot of things done before I take a few days off, it's a little overwhelming. When I come back it will be December already. Eek!

Didn't I just come back to work from an extended maternity leave and it was April? And sunny? And now it's nearing Christmas and the end of 2008 and it's snowy. Very dark, gray, snowing very much at this very minute. As only I know, because I am the only one in this program with a window in my office. Sweet. They hate me, but they love me because they congregate in this office. We observe the parking lot, the weather, the crazy people on the street below, people peeing on the buildings, and it's the biggest office to accommodate their company.

I need to bring in my camera and force my coworkers into being photographed and blogged about. They'll love that.

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dink dank donk said...

Well maybe if you didn't blog and email bushy haired people all day you'd get something done!