8 more hours!

Until the weekend! I am so ready for this week to end. It hasn't really been bad, just very long. I kept thinking every day was Friday, except it wasn't. Today finally is Friday and I just have to get through boring paperwork and fielding calls and crazy requests until 4 pm.

I've got a lot to do this weekend so this work thing needs to get out of the way. I offered to make rolls for all the Thanksgiving feasts we're going to. Do you know what that means? That I have to make about 7 dozen rolls. (People eat a lot of rolls in these two strange families.) I will make the dough and either freeze it until Wed or pre-bake some rolls then freeze them. This way you just pop them in an oven for 10 mins prior to eating. We'll see how it goes. I don't have that much freezer room either.

Plus, there's quite a bit of shopping to do. I am debating on if I want to wait until the "major sales" this coming weekend after Thanksgiving. No! I do not get up and go out way early in the morning. Usually, the things that are on sale then are not what I am buying, so no point in getting up ridiculously early.

I suppose I'll take Kian out to play in the snow for the first time this weekend as well. He's got all his winter gear ready. He loves, loves, loves his mittens, or "mitties" as he calls them. He didn't want to take them off at daycare yesterday. Better than refusing to wear them! I'll be sure to get some pictures of the snow play up soon. Luckily, I won't have to shovel before I go to work day as there isn't much yet. Yet.

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