Saturday Morning Post

Well, it's not quite morning anymore. It's 12:15 and I'm finally sitting down for a few minutes to eat some Split Pea Soup! Delish. There are some pretty flakes swirling around, big snowflakes. I think we only have about 2 inches of snow total, and the roads are clear, so I don't mind it yet.

So far this morning Kian and I got up, had breakfast-he had his oatmeal. I need to get a video of him saying oatmeal, it's too darn cute. Oh-me-yull. He had a bath, thanks to the oatmeal in his hair, and everywhere else. And then we were off to Wegmans, our favorite store of all time. I always, always, spend an hour in there. With a list, without a list, buying a few things, or a score of items. It doesn't matter. From the demos (that's Wegmans-speak for the little food samples they put out for you to try throughout the store. I did that a few times while working there) to the Nature's Marketplace sections (my all natural, organic, etc.) to GM (general merchandise-ie. your decorations, cookware, towels, toys, etc.) there's so much for me to go through. And I do, aisle by aisle, every week. The only complaint I have is that the last 2 weeks I have not seen the kids' cookie/healthy choice free samples by the bakery like they have been since before I can remember at age 4... Bummer. It was a great distraction midway through to distract Kian for the rest of the trip. Oh well.

He went for a nap when we got home and I went into cleaning/putting away/picking up mode. Pausing long enough to blog and enjoy my soup with Kevin eating his lunch in front of football. Our plan for the rest of the day, besides cleaning and laundry, includes Jon and Kevin getting Christmas lights out before it's too blizzardy to do it. (Is that a word?) BJ's and Home Depot trips. Start preparing for Thanksgiving. I am bringing rolls and pie and snacks to Kevin's parents' house, and rolls to my grandma's. We have a Thanksgiving turkey lunch at Kevin's parents' home, then on to my grandma's for the even bigger, even more caloric dinner. I'm keeping it low-key on the calories the rest of this week!

This week was fine, just very long and drawn out. Not sure why it felt that way, but it did. Tuesday, of course the day before my vacation, I have 3 or 4 visits crammed in the day. Nothing says "welcome to vacation" like a hectic day driving all over the county. Things at work have seemed to settle down. we still were never told about a specific incident that occurred and no one has acknowledged they were the one upset by some action or words. So, we all just have to "watch our backs" and be super nice, and fake, to appease the masses, not talk about anything personal, not have friends and exclusive. They seem to forget that there is 3 of us who have been here for a few years and it's tiring, frustrating, and at times, painful to constantly open up to adding new people. New people who only stay a few months, to have to constantly be in training mode with them, to pretend we love having our team always ripped apart and sewn back up. Blah.

These upcoming 5 days of vacation will be wonderful. We always get our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and this year is no exception! We'll start clearing out the fall decorations and everyday decorations to make room for lots of Christmas decorations! Back to my cleaning!

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