Thanksgiving Menu

Just to get your mouth watering a bit early, here's the menu at the McKnight/Castner/Uhl feast:

3 -22lb. turkeys, with gravy
10lbs mashed potatoes
2 huge pans squash
2 huge pans sweet potato casserole
2 huge pans green bean casserole
2 huge pans dressing/stuffing
Mushrooms in sauce
Relish tray
Jello fruit salad
cranberry relish
cranberry jelly
6 pumpkin pies
6 chocolate pies

I probably forgot something in there. And when I say huge pans, we're talking those aluminum baking pans 9x13, heaping full! It just gets bigger and bigger every year! We always have some Italian dishes in there along with the 'traditional' ones. These are homemade dishes! It's about 6 hours prep work on Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year. I'll have some recipes to follow soon, and hopefully pictures of some of the holiday will make it onto the blog this year!

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